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  1. Accepted (IP, NS) MCAT: 518 GPA: 4.0 Finishing MSc, a number of grad scholarships and USRAs in undergrad. Hospital volunteering since 2nd year undergrad. A couple of publications (one accepted and one submitted at the time of submission). Other ECs, music, gardening, etc... Regular person stuff. I can't wait to meet you all in the fall! Edit: second time applying. First was an R in 2019. Needed to interview better.
  2. Have a good weekend everyone! See you all back here on Monday...
  3. I haven't received any emails indicating they're closed.
  4. Invited (IP NS), Timestamp 2:09 ADT MCAT: 518 GPA: 4.0 BSc & MSc Very surprised to hear about so many IP rejections that seemly aren't related to Casper
  5. I ended up reaching out to the grad coordinator of my department. I'm certain that using your supervisor is great as well. Just wanted to update for anyone that may read this in future cycles. Good luck all!
  6. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows who I should use as a verifier for graduate scholarships... I realize that it will probably depend on the scholarship. E.g. NSERC CGS-M, would it be fine to ask my supervisor? Or should I look towards NSERC or the Faculty of Graudate Studies? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hey, I believe it says incomplete items outstanding because the things you have submitted (e.g. fee payment, MCAT, transcripts) haven't been received or haven't been verified yet. Also, I think that the banner ID comes with section 2 (which will be available on July 6, as per their website). Hope that helps!
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