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  1. Update: So it was an error, the UofA sent my transcript so early that I wasn't actually registered in the fall 2020 classes yet, so they resent it
  2. Yeah it still says awaiting and I wrote on Aug 31st lol, I think they haven't gotten around to those yet
  3. No, as far as I'm aware, nothing changed? There's a chance I wasn't enrolled in one of my classes yet but I was added into the course July 5th and that's considerably earlier then when my transcript was delivered, but it could be that?
  4. Hello, so I was checking my application to see if my CASPer scores were updated, and I saw it said my transcript was no longer "received" instead it said it was "Inaccurate" and awaiting, I was wondering why this would happen? I emailed the registers office, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I haven't switched any classes and I'm form the uofa so they requested it so it's not like I could tamper with it in any way?
  5. Sent mine form UofA July 8th and 20th and then again Aug 25th and nothing yet they're really backlogged, but my friend just got theirs updated, so maybe this week?
  6. Has anyone else from uofa (or anywhere) having a problem where their transcript hasn't arrived yet? I sent mine over a month ago and it's still not in, I resent it but I'm worried I'm doing something wrong?
  7. Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your help!!!
  8. For the awards section, can I list myself if I can verify the award if I have the letter? Or do I need someone else to verify an award? Thanks!
  9. Title says it all, how long does it take for my MCAT score to reach its destination? I sent them a while ago and the uofa page says 24-48 hours and its definitely been longer than that....
  10. Once you submit the primary application, you can't edit the references again but you do get to work on the next part of the application before your references respond, I don't know when they are contacted however, hope this helps
  11. There's four spaces for volunteering, leadership, work experience and experiences/ achievements and those have a 325 limit, and then there is two more life experience/ achievement with 750 character, one about whats something that was a challenge and how you dealt with it that's 2000 character and one about something life changing that made you a better person that's 1500 character
  12. I had to email the admission department to get my banner ID
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