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  1. Curious as well to their decision, but for anyone reading and considering similar - moving to the Yukon and/NW Territories opens up both Alberta schools and UBC as IP if I'm not mistaken... just a thought! Make sure to read up and verify. It might even open up one or two of the Maritimes schools as IP.
  2. Tbh I'm not sure of the process for doing case studies and it hasn't been written yet. Ideally I'd like to publish it.
  3. Lots of questions about CaRMS from me rn! As the subject heading says, if someone is willing to go *anywhere* in Canada for their residency, how much more likely to get a spot would they be? I am mainly interested in EM, but enjoyed what I have experienced of IM so far. Is there a statistic on the website that can show match rate for a specialty based on # of sites ranked? If I backed up EM with IM, what is the likelihood of switching (if I wanted to) into EM at a school with spots? Forgive me if this is nonsense, it has been a long day of lectures, I am tired and isolated and match-anxi
  4. As the title says, what are the ways someone could demonstrate interest such that they will have a better chance at matching to a particular specialty (mid competitive)? My first thoughts are research and electives, but what else?
  5. If you're struggling with having received a B, I think you will struggle with feedback from peers, preceptors, residents, attendings, patients, patient families... In line with this comment: your neuroticism will be your own undoing.
  6. Is 126 your CARS score? I think that might limit you at many schools. I think most of Ontario is out of reach with 126 (I could be wrong so browse around here). You'll probably have some luck with having two home province schools and their relaxed requirements for IP applicants. Good things to reflect on while figuring out your decision is whether you can do better than 511? Most schools take the most recent test so if you do worse you'll be SOL. Your GPA is low for a lot of OOP schools. Work hard to do well for the next two years and then re-evaluate for GPA... Have you done fu
  7. Don't draw attention to it. I have a D, and a couple shit C's. I'm in med. Granted mine were in 1st/2nd year, but still. Leave it alone. It's a blip and they'll see that.
  8. Usually all grades from any uni are considered. Email those programs for clarification.
  9. Was it only one grade? Is your gpa good otherwise? If yes to both, chill. Don't draw attention to it. You'll be fine.
  10. I would stay home in a second - save $, be with social supports. Facebook chat, Zoom, and Slack are all ways to chat with classmates. It's not like you can all meet up together and go to parties or go clubbing (social distancing - professionalism). Idk... you'll likely never see these people again after 4th year. That's just my perspective though! My program is returning for part in-person and mostly online. I'm ditching my apartment as soon as possible and going back to my city. I'll figure January out when it comes - it's likely we'll be totally online as cases will probably skyrocket a
  11. I'd say mcat is borderline.. Can you do better for sure? I can't remember if Queens takes most recent or best, but there are ppl who got in w/ ~511. If you do worse and Queen's only considers most recent then.. :/
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