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    Meningocoele reacted to convertedlurker in Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted??? (for current applicants)   
    Result: Accepted!! OMG after 4 cycles! This was my only interview this cycle!
    Timestamp: 8:46 am EST
    2YRS GPA: 3.89
    MCAT: 128/128/128/128
    MMI and Panel Interview Thoughts: Felt okay about my MMI but felt pretty good after my panel.
    Panel Date (Saturday March 27th or Sunday March 28th): Sunday, March 28th
    ECs: Piano, exec for 2 clubs, worked as personal trainer and sports nutritionist, hospital volunteering, software company internship, competitive dance, 1 first author pub, international clinical conference presentation
    Year: Graduated in 2017
    Geography: IP
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    Meningocoele reacted to bearded frog in Would schools tell you if you have been red-flagged or blacklisted?   
    If you have "conservative" views that read in one text message would cause a medical school not want to have anything to do with you, than that's on you bud. Sorry that people don't want to associate with people with terrible opinions.
    To answer your question, if your girlfriend did reach out to the school, they may silently ignore it, they may silently reject you for your shitty opinions and/or drama, or they may reach out to you to let you know what's going on and either invite your comment.
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    Meningocoele reacted to bearded frog in Declining an offer to finish masters?   
    I don't know anything about your app but if you're admitted and decline your offer there's no guarantee that you'll get an interview/accepted next year, and I don't know what Calgary's policy is about re-applicants who have previously declined acceptance, but in the US you would be basically blacklisted. As someone with a research MSc, it's not worth it, whatever your research is. Explore with your graduate program options for you to be able to delay defending your thesis, weather it be working on your own time during school or delaying until the summer after first year. I know a classmate who finished and defended their thesis 3 months into the first year of medical school.
    Maybe you won't be accepted and this is moot, and maybe you have a 4.0 and your work is literally curing cancer so you'll be fine either way, but on the other hand this could be your one shot at medicine, are you going to risk it?
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    Meningocoele reacted to MDee2B in Declining an offer to finish masters?   
    Don’t take this the wrong way as I’m sure you’re in the thick of it and working really hard on your Master’s right now but I would take the acceptance to med, assuming you get it. An acceptance to med has in my view greater long term professional value than finishing a master’s degree “on time“.
    Maybe you could finish the master’s thesis on a part time basis over the next N years, parallel to med and in agreement with the faculty of medicine. Maybe you could do one year of med, then ask for a leave of absence to finish your master’s research. Maybe you could even finish all of med school and residency and wait till you’re a staff physician, then dial back to part time work and finish that master’s degree you’ve had cooking on the back burner all the while (if it’s still important to you then).
    But again, unless your admission to med is somehow contingent upon completion of the master’s degree, I would think it wiser to take an acceptance to med rather than refuse an offer and then try again next year in order to complete the master’s in the meantime. The MD has greater long term professional value than a master’s so I wouldn’t prioritize the latter, assuming you get an offer of admission to med. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.
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    Meningocoele reacted to naptime98 in 3rd time applicant; no interviews; jaded; whats wrong with me; thanks   
    I mean to be fair you still haven't heard back from the schools that you have the best chance of getting in to. Wait to hear back from Ontario schools before you start questioning whether you're cut out for this. Dal, Memorial, & UBC interview 10% or less of the out of province applicants. The only other thing I could recommend is trying the MCAT again if you don't get in anywhere this cycle, as a 128+ CARS score will open a couple more doors for you.
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    Meningocoele reacted to bearded frog in .   
    If you absolutely have to take time off for mental health then talk to your med school to take a LOA and defer graduation a year. Applying after YOG is an automatic red flag as it usually implies that you didn't match. You will be expected to explain, and using the excuse that you were tired after med school is going to be pretty lethal for most programs looking at how you will cope in a generally much more intense residency
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    Meningocoele reacted to bearded frog in Chances for CaRMS (EM) if willing to go anywhere in Canada?   
    From my experience, a significant majority of applicants will apply broadly across Canada, and those limited by geography will be the exception. If applying to a relatively less compeditive speciality, ie FM, and they get lots of interviews, they might withdraw some less desirable locations or they may not rank some places, but it would be folly not to apply in the first place. Generally those that are geography restricted, ie have families, will tend to target less compeditive speicailities in the first place. That is to say, when you look at the stats out there, you should assume most people are applying everywhere, especially in the more compeditive fields like EM, so the match rate that's out there would apply.
    Can't predict your transferring chances. Dependant on too many variables. It happens but odds are not that great overall, so don't back up with something you couldn't see yourself doing. Better chances if you match at a place with a large EM program, but it would depend on why you didn't match in the first place. If you think you'd do ICU or something instead then its not unreasonable to back up with IM. The other option would be to back up with family then gun for the +1 ER fellowship from the start.
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    Meningocoele reacted to Quark in How does one "demonstrate interest" for a specialty (CaRMS)?   
    1) Research 2) Electives 3) Networking
    That's essentially it... extracurriculars such as interest groups, advocacy in a certain field, etc, are all good, but have much more variable effects (usually limited) at increasing your chances at matching to a specialty. 
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    Meningocoele reacted to Mel96b in Case study... on myself??   
    I've seen a girl who did that once!! She did have a PI supporting her though, she was presenting a poster and it took me a while before I finally understood that she was the patient. I found it pretty cool, especially since she had social anxiety and she described how she overcame that fear... and she was presenting with ease, which was amazing and was a good indicator of the effectiveness of her method. Why not, be wild, do it!!
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    Meningocoele got a reaction from DrOtter in Case study... on myself??   
    Is this allowed? Ethical? 
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    Meningocoele reacted to Intrepid86 in How to get over your enemy's success?   
    Comparison is the thief of joy.
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    Meningocoele reacted to canada747 in How to get over your enemy's success?   
    Honestly, the trick is to worry most about your own progress and no one else's. I used to be like you, and had people like "Josh" in my life. Over time, I just stopped caring, and wanted to work at being better for my own sake. These days, I'm starting to lose that perspective, and your post reminded me that I need to do that. If we live to compete, we'll win at games we never wanted to win. Don't become a doctor to beat Josh, do it for you. It's a tricky thought. There's also a whole branch of philosophy that says our desires are *all* copied from seeing what others want.

    Now that I'm in med school, I find myself wanting the dumb things my peers want - money, prestige, instagram likes - instead of being my happiest self (which at the end of the day, only needs *some* of that). Good luck, PM me if you want any more advice.
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    Meningocoele reacted to gogogo in Feeling exhausted... How do I decide on a specialty?   
    I feel the same as you. I'm pretty set on FM because I am content with it (I don't mind the "negatives") and have chosen to focus more on other aspects of my life that make me happy. I think it depends on your personality. Personally, I used to be much more ambitious when I was younger. But I saw what pursuing success at all costs leads to and I realized it wasn't worth it to me. I like the rest of my life too much. Case in point: As intellectually satisfying and enjoyable it can be to understand something, I find that whatever pleasure I get from an intellectual pursuit is the same pleasure I get from simpler things, like having free time, being around family, and pursuing my hobbies. If you cannot live life without feeling as if you've reached your maximum career potential, then that's the only reason I'd say you should consider a specialty; but understand that pursuing your maximum career potential means sacrificing other areas of your life. There's much more balance with FM that I think is appealing and only becomes more appealing the older you get. But maybe clear your headspace first to make sure that you're not choosing FM just because it's an escape.
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    Meningocoele reacted to Nirvanesthesia in Feeling exhausted... How do I decide on a specialty?   
    I'm coming towards the end of my pre-clerkship (I'm in a 3-year program) and I'm still feeling pretty unsure of what specialty I want. 
    To be honest, I'm mentally tired. I've been thinking about this so much lately (what with COVID impacting our clinical opportunities and the compressed timeline looming over me), on top of doing a lot of research projects and studying. It's a lot of stress and I feel so lost. I've been doing a lot of reading about specialties and discussions happening on this forum and it's cleared up some things for me, but there's nothing I've come across that feels "right" yet. I'm stuck between being practical and just building my CV towards something versus first finding something that really fits.
    I'm considering FM partly because the idea of getting out sooner is appealing right now, but I don't want to/think I should choose based on that. I'm usually a very ambitious person, but I also want to be happy. There are specialties that are more interesting to me, medically, and I enjoy research/innovation, but when I imagine doing residency and my future career, I just feel exhausted about the prospect of it. Thinking about all the stress, lack of free time, exhaustion, the constant grind of having to prove yourself... it makes me not want to do anything at all. And right now, the stress of not having it figured out, in case I do want a competitive specialty, is eating at me.
    I know there are worse things in the world going on right now and I'm fortunate to be where I am, but this is almost all that I can think about. Not sure what I'm exactly looking for, posting here, but any advice and words of wisdom on how to move forward are appreciated. 
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    Meningocoele reacted to Bambi in How important is it to have an online presence as a medical student?   
    In my experience, it is neither necessary, relevant, helpful nor important.
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    Meningocoele got a reaction from Maggiie19 in Bad Grade   
    If you're struggling with having received a B, I think you will struggle with feedback from peers, preceptors, residents, attendings, patients, patient families... 
    In line with this comment: your neuroticism will be your own undoing.
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    Meningocoele reacted to offmychestplease in Bad Grade   
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    Meningocoele reacted to anonymouspls in Bad Grade   
    in medicine lots of things are going to "happen" to you which won't be your fault ... this is a good lesson to get ready to deal with this if you one day get in.
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    Meningocoele reacted to whatdoido in Advice on Moving Near Campus With Classes Being Online?   
    This was my initial thought process as well, which is why I pretty much immediately stopped going forward with the lease. Especially because I agree, I'm pretty sure things will be online in January too. ~$14.5k ($1200/month) might be a drop in the bucket compared to how much debt I'll be in in four years, but i'm still broke as hell and that's a lot lmao.
    You'd think we wouldn't be able to meet up, but a large proportion of my class is already hanging out several times a week. Not to sound cold or anything, but I don't necessarily care about making more friends, I have enough of those. It's just I might miss out on med-school specific support that i might need to not want to jump into a lake lol. I feel like I won't get the same support via zoom than if it was in person
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    Meningocoele reacted to Bambi in Bad Grade   
    Ignore it, we were all there, just move on and put it behind you. It’s not going to control your life unless you make it that way.
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    Meningocoele reacted to ballsortahard in Disciplinary Action 10yrs Ago...   
    Seems like a good idea, theres a chance they might not even notice it OP.
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    Meningocoele reacted to Bambi in Disciplinary Action 10yrs Ago...   
    I would not address the zero, and only if questioned, I would then then deal with it
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    Meningocoele reacted to taylorross16 in Non-degree year OR Extra degree year?? (Canadian)   
    Thank you so much! I have decided to extend my degree and pursue a 5th year. Thanks for your help!
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