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  1. As an alternative, you can defer your offer for a year. That way you do not have to pay the deposit until the next year. In the meantime you can see how far you will get with your school applications here, in Canada, interviews, hopefully acceptance letters to choose from. In case, you do not, you know that you have an offer oversees. The only thing you will have to wait for another year to start the program.
  2. Hello all, I have applied to UBC (OT) last year, was interviewed but was not accepted. I know it is because how the interview went. I applied again this year, hoping to get an interview invitation,and want to start strengthening my interview skills now. Does anybody have/know any services I can use to help me with it? Like mock interviews online with current OT students, current OTs? Any other tips? Thank you and good luck all.
  3. I wrote it yesterday. I am reapplying, last year, after the interview I was not offered a seat. I feel I did better this time, as I managed to answer all the questions even through I could not provide as much information as I wanted as I was obviously time pressed. How was yours?
  4. Hello, I emailed UBC and they said they will not consider CASPer snapshot for this admission cycle.
  5. Hello everyone, I am on my second round as well for UBC but for OT. Same question. I was just wondering if anyone has used the same personal statement twice in a row or only made minor changes?
  6. Question to all UBC OT students commencing their studies in Sep, will all classes be online?
  7. Originally from Russia but I live in Vancouver. Are you thinking of reapplying?
  8. Sorry to hear that, we are in the same boat. I was also an international applicant and they rejected me. Are you planning to reapply?
  9. I was an international applicant to UBC OT and was rejected on April 6, and my interview was on March 13
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