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  1. I'm a first year, so my mind can change, but is it worth going for a competitive specialty when the likelihood is that I won't be matched and won't be able to work as a doctor? That's personally terrifying and I'd rather be safe than sorry, but also I don't want to regret anything later in case I fall in LOVE with a competitive specialty. Anyone got any advice on this?
  2. Must-haves: U World, First Aid, Pathoma I've heard good things about Sketchy and Boards and Beyond. Anki is AnKing? Zanki? Are those two different things? I'm an incoming MS1 and I would like to study as I go along and I'm overwhelmed helpppppp please
  3. I've already had counselling before so sounds like I'm shit out of luck? :/ By 'safe' I mean negatively looked at in my future. For example, I did not know about them asking about medical conditions for licensing. I've never been diagnosed, and I only wanted to go this time just to talk about the big transition to medical school. Imo counselling is hugely helpful even for 'normal' everyday people just to get some professional outside perspectives on their lives, but it will be disappointing if I don't get to have that option anymore
  4. It will be a psychologist not associated with the school (better safe than sorry), but I would like to use the coverage from my school. Is that still safe?
  5. I think it’s $9k now if you’re talking about the stipend from the Ontario government
  6. It got postponed but I'll be sure to update when I do have it!
  7. I have a meeting with MD Financial today, and I'm not sure what to discuss. So far I have: how much debt does average Ontario med school student have? how expensive will 4th year be with CaRMs, exam fees, etc.? Thanks!
  8. So just so I can tell the difference between accumulating interest and charging interest... if I borrow $100 on the first day and it accumulates interest during the whole month, and then at the end of the month I'm charged 4%/30. Then that interest is charged to my account. Then, starting from that day, I now have $100 + 4%/30 as my principle that is then accumulating interest daily.
  9. How does interest work for LOC when it changes? This is probably a really simple question lol but is it like this: I borrow $10k, and monthly 2% interest is charged (if that's what interest rate is right now). That new borrowed amount becomes $10200. Next month, interest rate becomes 4%. That month, I am charged 4% on the $10200. And then the next month, if it goes back to 2%, I am charged 2% from then on.
  10. Sorry I didn't edit it until later but it is also a Twitter thread! Either way, something that seems suspicious to me is they made fake accounts to friend/follow these social media accounts... patients aren't going to do this, so why are they? (Obviously the other stuff doesn't impact your ability to be a healthcare professional)
  11. From my understanding, some of the 'unprofessional' acts were: 1. wearing a swimsuit (hence the trend #MedBikini) 2. drinking alcohol 3. provocative Halloween costumes I think I saw somewhere that the article is being retracted One of the authors of the paper also posted an apology on Twitter but I can't find it Edit: Found one of the apologies: Another author wrote the exact same thing as an apology on Twitter Edit 2: Here is the other tweet (Both are threads)
  12. Thoughts on this study and the resulting backlash? https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31882313/ https://www.insider.com/doctors-posting-bikini-selfies-protest-study-on-social-media-use-2020-7
  13. Should I act like step 1 is p/f then? I've heard rumours that January 2022 is the earliest that they're going to change it, but uncertain if it will be later than January or not...
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