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  1. Hello,

    I'm posting this on behalf of my girlfriend. My girlfriend got accepted to Colorado's School of Medicine. Her MCAT is about 512.

    As a Canadian, she was not able to find any scholarships in the US and so applied for a line of credit in Canada with Bank of Montreal (BMO). Unfortunately, BMO today denied her loan application because her parent's debt ratio is too high. I have been trying to find any other options for her. For example, if we go to another bank would they consider? Or if a credit application has been denied once you can't apply again at all for a certain period?

    Another option I felt is she could defer her admission for a year. Her parents might be able to position themselves better for a loan in that case. But this will depend on the school entirely. I don't want her to lose her position as it was extremely difficult to get here.

    There are loans like MPOWER in the US but she is also only eligible for them after being in the states for two years. Would appreciate *any* leads!

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