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  1. Can someone who has received a Western interview in the past confirm that copying and pasting my UWO Med essays from Windows Notepad (originally typed into Word and then transferred into Notepad) into OMSAS does not result in any weird or funky outcomes? That is, if you have done this and did indeed receive an interview, I can rest assured that the adcoms at UWO see my essays as I see them and not as gibberish. Asking because I know UofT med doesn't want essays to be copy/pasted into OMSAS. Edit (add-on): If it looks normal in my OMSAS "Review and Submit" page, it's good to go...right
  2. I stand corrected, MUN confirmed receiving my MCAT score on the app now.
  3. I already contacted the Dal Admissions Office about this issue and am awaiting their email response. Just wanted to check on the forums if anyone ever had a similar issue in the past. I was trying to log in to the Dal App (section 1) to see if my MCAT score has been verified. I use a lot of different passwords and couldn't remember the exact one for the Dal App. After a couple of incorrect entries, I have now been locked out of even trying to log in. Can the Dal Admissions office/IT team end up resetting this? Or am I just plain screwed lol
  4. Are we 100% sure that 126 in any non-CARS section gets screened out for OOP? Admissions process seems a bit different this year with them taking more time to review our applications...
  5. I was actually just logging in to post about this - I think the fact that the Admissions Timeline that they have posted says that the committee will be reviewing applications from Sept. to Nov. is an indicator that they are being more thorough with reading our stuff this year. (Which is good news for OOPs, which is a hyper-competitive pool - maybe those us of with less than 4.0 and less than 520+ have a higher chance now if we have strong ECs (in MUN's eyes).) It seems that last year, the Admissions Timeline webpage actually said that October would be when interviews come out (based on th
  6. CAVEAT: I am a fellow applicant and have not been accepted in the rural stream. I am merely someone who is knowledgeable of the general principles of the admissions process for UBC med. Anything I say is subject to change and is merely gathered from being a reader of these forums. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These sections are evaluated separately (rumored to be by completely separate committees). The NAQ sections (Employment, Non-Academic Activities, Awards,
  7. We have no way of knowing, but I would hazard a guess that most people get close. With respect to the Diversity section, that is probably the section that people fill out the most. As you mentioned, hobbies can go in this section, which can fill out the numbers a lot. Personally, I'm someone that liked to jump into non-academic opportunities whenever I could; of my peers, I probably took on the most amount of "traditional" premed activities. Even with that, however, 8 of my 10 possible Diversity entries are hobbies or personal life experiences. This section is really to showcase who you
  8. I believe beardedfrog was suggesting the former supervisor who has now quit, rather than the current supervisor whom (up until June) was a coworker... I guess either way it should be fine, I just wanted to make sure I am getting the most appropriate reference rather than any appropriate reference. Yenno?
  9. I'm in a bit of a sticky situation when it comes to references. In general, I want to have 3-4 people that I can call on to do LORs for me in my applications to med. I want these people to be those who have supervised me in professional, volunteering, and academic contexts. Finding referees from my volunteering activities and academic endeavors shouldn't be too difficult. With respect to the professional reference, that's where the waters get a bit murky for me. I started my current job (which is the job that I want to have one referee from - I think it's my 'strongest' job by far in t
  10. I think it works for a Diversity entry. I'd include it if you don't have other things you could include other than that, that is, if you've already filled out the 9 other Diversity slots and want to fill that 10th but don't have something that comes to mind. Make sure to tick the box of "received course credit for this activity" if you choose to include it
  11. Oh okay, I see now that I assumed the application processing fee deadline is the same as the Section 2 deadline. Thanks!
  12. Is the cutoff date for Dalhousie med app hours July 31st (i.e. same as Section 2 deadline)?
  13. Hello PM101, I was looking for some help as I get started on working on applications for the upcoming cycle. I am a BC IP applicant and I am most familiar with the UBC med application. On the UBC med application, applicants can list up to 5 awards, an unlimited number of employment experiences, 3 non-paid Leadership experiences, 5 non-paid experiences highlighting their Capacity to Work with Others, 10 non-paid experiences highlighting their Diversity as an applicant/human being, and 3 non-paid Service Ethic experiences. Each of these entries can be 350 characters in length. Would someon
  14. Might be interested here as well (even though I've never interviewed before). Confidence is often confused with cockiness on these forums, so I'm being careful in saying this, but: I really feel that I will get in to med for Sept 2022 intake if I nail down how to kill an MMI. I love all the other aspects of my application as presently constructed. Hence, really want to prep for this MMI
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