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  1. In true Canadian fashion, I decided "why not both" lmao - I'm going to look for full-time work and enroll in some courses part-time that are part of the Counselling program up here. (Which I'm confident I'll do well in - I really feel like my GPA is only as low as it is because of bad study habits in the beginning of uni, been killing it last year and this year). Then, if I keep being unable to get into med, I can just take the extra 1.5 years (or whatever) to finish my Counselling degree and call it a day. This was crucial, he must be like Dumbledore, keep a cool head, make sure there were b
  2. Official confirmation from UBC med that this year's interview cycle will be online. The decision hasn't been publicly announced yet, but profs throughout the province who get invited to be interviewers have been told this today Source: a professor that I am close with who received the invitation-to-be-an-interviewer email from UBC med today told me
  3. This is my gut feeling as well (and yes I'm IP! UNBC/PG boy hahaha) thank you for the feedback!
  4. LMAO @ the title I'll keep this as short as possible, basically I applied to med (only UBC, aiming for NMP that's why) this past cycle, 84% GPA and some decent ECs nothing that blows your mind away but I'll defo be somewhat competitive (most of my experiences apply to the North as well, so lots of stuff went into my rural section of the application). Med is the dream, undoubtedly (and I know this for sure because I doubted it for nearly 3 years, but I'm sure now). Graduating from my psyc degree this year, and in the worst case scenario of getting rejected from med this cycle, my AGPA w
  5. Very true! It depends a lot on scoring. Tbh, employment should indeed count for a large amount imo. There's a decent chunk of premeds that don't clock 20 hours a week at all their volunteering/clubs/research combined, but if someone is working 20 hours a week during school without doing research etc I would be inclined to rate that person's ECs higher than the first one's
  6. Very fair point. And (Canadian/Western) medicine is already filled with over-representation of these types of populations (i.e. well-off, educated, well-connected etc). A heavier focus on ECs would only increase that
  7. Same for me, however, it is true that everyone will have some ECs theyve engaged in that theyre passionate about and dedicated to
  8. Yeah you're right. 92 was too high, I should've said 82 for IP applicants and maybe 88 for OOP
  9. Yeah genuinely...the med school admission process in Canada seems like it's no longer going to be something you can tough out and say "do you want it bad enough" but rather something that is super insanely highly competitive and just not worth going for anymore. I don't want to be applying 6 times for med school Maybe that's just neurotic premed thoughts though lol
  10. Also by the way no you wouldn't! Due to AGPA. You could probably have a 3.87 or something (still really high though)
  11. I'll answer this based on part of the post on r3dd1t that I was initially referring to: Most people graduating can't find jobs due to decreased opportunities. I know many people who were initially going for jobs now applying to masters, phd, pharmacy, etc. People realized how volatile the job market is, especially during a crisis like the covid pandemic where tens of thousands of people got laid off. In contrast, healthcare field gained a positive image of being "heroes" and almost no one lost jobs. In the comments section of this post, though, people wer
  12. No clue, I've just heard if you're from Alberta and you wanna go UBC med it's basically an L. If that's the case for McGill too then that's sucky ://
  13. I've seen some comments on threads over on r3dd1t saying that UBC received a record number of applications this year for med - was hoping to ask if anyone knows where this information is coming from? I don't see any official stats on it or anything. Relatedly, do you guys think it'll affect the competitiveness of this cycle? I think it certainly will, we might see higher IP and OOP interview cutoffs. And the next few years are gonna be a bloodbath as well, what with everyone having inflated GPAs due to online school (which, put simply, is more conducive to cheating on tests). I almost wo
  14. The formulas are estimates done by people who were (at the time) fellow premeds, they don't come from UBC directly. You are correct in that 100% GPA would be 50 AQ. The formulas are accurate for more mid-range scores and not accurate for extremes. Think of it as trying to approximate a bell curve using straight lines, towards the middle of the bell curve you'll find that your y = mx + b straight line lines up perfectly with the curve, but towards the extremes this same line doesn't reflect the curve very well
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