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  1. Yes. Just do it imo. Depends what you mean though. If indeed it's a contract job with a fixed start and end date, then don't apply unless you know you can fulfill those dates. If it's just a job that's intended to be permanent until you leave, then by all means apply and then communicate that you've been accepted to medical school (which starts in Aug) sometime in late June or something. Gives them time to plan for a replacement
  2. I think the same. This is why you (offmychestplease) have seen me on other threads looking at backups/international schools - Canada med just feels like it's gonna be out of reach for anyone in my boat. I'm sure there's a few of us kicking around with similar situations to me: wrote the MCAT in summer 2019 after second year (did below the med average in uni in 1st and 2nd yr), but the MCAT really whipped me into shape and my GPA has been near perfect ever since (i.e. even in the pre-COVID 2019 September semester and the first half of the 2020 Winter semester). But then COVID happened, and s
  3. I would assume so yes. Kinda sucks that you would miss out on the potential "full" impacts of their deletion in that instance (i.e. only deleting one semester of credits rather than 2), but it still helps that they do any deleting at all. I pretty much stand no chance at any school that does cGPA and no deletions, so I'm thankful that some schools do do it
  4. Hello all, I recently discovered that UofA med deletes the worst academic year of applicants who are applying with 4 years of undergrad already completed. I am confused, however, as to why the admissions stats report the cGPA of students...do these admissions stats reflect cGPAs or GPAs after the deletion of the worst year? That is, does UofA simply not use a "special" name for post-deletion GPA (ex. AGPA at UBC, wGPA at UofT)? Thanks, Excel-erate Your Breath
  5. Aha! There we go. Just the type of info I was looking for - it seemed like they really pushed this whole "youre a US MD grad" on their website. And of course if I can go to a "US" med school without needing to pay living expenses (which is the main reason I've discounted "normal" US MDs for now...it's just too much money with living expenses going on top of that as well, smh), that would be ideal. If I'd still be IMG then that puts it lower on the priority list by quite a bit Thank you for the info!
  6. Not sure if I'm misreading the tone of this, but no need to attack. Of course there are definitely cons, I never said that it is completely equal to being a Canadian med student. It is still my life, and if I don't want to apply again in Canada "like everyone else" (despite only being rejected once), that's my right. Thanks for your input, I'm just exploring options. Nothing is off the table for me (including alternate careers) until I see sufficient evidence. Especially not going to automatically rule out something where I can go live with close family. Something like Caribbean, sure yes I
  7. Reviving an old, old, old thread here - to discuss this program from a 2021 perspective. Crucially, it seems they have dropped something this thread mentions a couple of times, i.e. the school only being for those already in Qatar. It seems like they're really promoting this whole "come from America to here" vibe. Ex. a couple of their posted FAQs are to do with culture shock/adjusting to living in a primarily Muslim country - would not be FAQs if they were recruiting mainly Muslim Qataris. (Screenshot from their website is below) Has anyone reading this rn heard anything about this prog
  8. Thank you both for the responses! How many characters per entry is it on the OMSAS ABS? As a matter of fact, would it be possible to see what a sample entry might look like? (Via DM is okay since that information can be personal.) Asking because I want to get started on prepping entries really early, so looking at one sample entry will let me know every detail I need to collect (ex. verifier addresses)
  9. Hello, Considering applying to med in Ontario in the future. For the OMSAS ABS, I know that there's sections (like Employment, Awards, Volunteering, etc), and I've seen that 32 total entries are allowed. (But I've also seen the number 44 - which one of these two is correct?) Is there section "caps" though? I'm only experienced with the UBC med app, in which each section has caps (ex. only 5 Employment, 5 Awards, 3 Leadership, etc.). Or could an applicant in theory have 32 (or 44) employment experiences? Obviously I'm exaggerating but is there any regulation on this?
  10. Hello hello hello! Haven't been about in a while because I'm exploring different career options other than applying to med school. One thing I'm looking at rn is a course-based Master's (specifically, a Master's in Counselling - something employable/applied/non-academia/in industry, not a research Master's). The program I'm looking at is 2 years long (if done on a full-time basis; part time option could be up to 4 years). Does this mean that if I were to start this program in Sept 2021, I cannot apply to UBC med? They say on their website that graduate students have to submit proof of
  11. Excited to finally post my result in this thread, albeit it's not a pleasant post. Just doing this to document it. Timestamp: 2020/18/12 4:38PM (this was the time the rejection email got sent; was not able to see application status until today) Result: Regrets, No Interview GPA (ineligible for adjusted GPA): 84.16% MCAT: 512 (127/128/126/131...can you guess my undergrad major? lol) Geography: IP, filled rural application ECs: moderately strong (more details quantifying the strength below); go look at my first post on the forums for some more details if interested NAQ Range: 50th to 75th p
  12. https://forums.premed101.com/topic/111884-guide-to-using-inspect-elements-for-ubc-application/
  13. Lol my email just went off and I half-heartedly checked...good thing I didn't trick myself into thinking it's UBC. LinkedIn emailed me, it's a sign from the universe - looks like it's time to get on the job hunt in lieu of being a medical student
  14. Think so man. Looks like they're just not bothering to tell us our scores or anything until later. Probably because they know it doesn't matter i.e. does not impact the admission process for UBC MD 2025 class
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