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  1. I believe beardedfrog was suggesting the former supervisor who has now quit, rather than the current supervisor whom (up until June) was a coworker... I guess either way it should be fine, I just wanted to make sure I am getting the most appropriate reference rather than any appropriate reference. Yenno?
  2. I'm in a bit of a sticky situation when it comes to references. In general, I want to have 3-4 people that I can call on to do LORs for me in my applications to med. I want these people to be those who have supervised me in professional, volunteering, and academic contexts. Finding referees from my volunteering activities and academic endeavors shouldn't be too difficult. With respect to the professional reference, that's where the waters get a bit murky for me. I started my current job (which is the job that I want to have one referee from - I think it's my 'strongest' job by far in t
  3. I think it works for a Diversity entry. I'd include it if you don't have other things you could include other than that, that is, if you've already filled out the 9 other Diversity slots and want to fill that 10th but don't have something that comes to mind. Make sure to tick the box of "received course credit for this activity" if you choose to include it
  4. Oh okay, I see now that I assumed the application processing fee deadline is the same as the Section 2 deadline. Thanks!
  5. Is the cutoff date for Dalhousie med app hours July 31st (i.e. same as Section 2 deadline)?
  6. Hello PM101, I was looking for some help as I get started on working on applications for the upcoming cycle. I am a BC IP applicant and I am most familiar with the UBC med application. On the UBC med application, applicants can list up to 5 awards, an unlimited number of employment experiences, 3 non-paid Leadership experiences, 5 non-paid experiences highlighting their Capacity to Work with Others, 10 non-paid experiences highlighting their Diversity as an applicant/human being, and 3 non-paid Service Ethic experiences. Each of these entries can be 350 characters in length. Would someon
  7. Might be interested here as well (even though I've never interviewed before). Confidence is often confused with cockiness on these forums, so I'm being careful in saying this, but: I really feel that I will get in to med for Sept 2022 intake if I nail down how to kill an MMI. I love all the other aspects of my application as presently constructed. Hence, really want to prep for this MMI
  8. What did I just read smh are you IP? This process is disgusting lol
  9. Hello Premed101, Last summer, I 'made up my mind' that I'd pursue a career as an MD, but that I would be deviating from the originally-projected oncology route (i.e. the dreams of an 18-year-old Excel-erate Your Breath) and aim for something closer to psychiatry/neurology. Looking back, I can see that I was not mature enough to handle the rejection that often comes with being a Canadian medical school applicant, and my claims that I was no longer impassioned by such a career path were really rooted in thoughts of "I do not want to be rejected again."Having grown from that experience, I've t
  10. Didn't see this reply until today, my apologies. I agree, NOSM + Mac + UofT are just my donation schools honestly (i.e. based on my low GPA, my application will likely be thrown out the window ASAP). The other 7 are the ones I have more concrete hopes for. Thank you!
  11. Who said I'm male lol For what it's worth OP I agree with the other commenters. I was around your gpa this past cycle, and I watched people with much less valuable ECs (altho I'm biased in this regard) than you or I (ex. 10 hobbies listed) get an invite while I did not; these people had 90+ gpa. Our gpa + ECs might have been good enough to get in 10 years ago but not anymore. Improve GPA since it's objective
  12. I really respect your opinions on this site because you tell it like it is, blunt and with no filter. To hear you validate my thoughts on this gives me great confidence. Thank you!
  13. Hello all, Long story short I'm a BC IP applicant (northern) with 89.65% adjusted GPA. Planning to apply to UBC med for Sept 2022 intake. I like to always plan for if things go wrong. Accordingly, if I am unable to get an interview decision in my favour in the month of December 2021, I've been thinking about enrolling as a non-degree student in the Winter 2022 semester and taking 6-7 classes. I expect to get an A+ in all of these classes (I would drop all ECs), thereby boosting my GPA by about 1 percent in total. The question I am posing is: is this 1 percent in GPA worth it compared to
  14. Both of you make very valid points; I was merely giving UBC's rationale (not mine)
  15. Fair point, but they do have some reasoning as to why they don't I am sure (ex. MCAT is a test that lends itself to better performance for those high in SES)
  16. 98 is the most extreme example (2 students that I know). I go to UNBC (current 4th yr) so I'm not familiar with many UBC people haha. In my own courses here, there has been a definite uptick of 5-8% in course grade averages for courses that I am taking now that last year's 4th years took. Of course, not all of the students in my courses are applying to med, but it *may* reflect a grander trend that COVID schooling is higher in average GPA than non COVID schooling Yeah for sure LOL either that or they simply are burnt out and don't care anymore which is fair enough, online is draining
  17. Agreed on the 0.7 - I used the word "inflation" to talk about COVID grades, not the MD 2024 stats. I don't have empirical evidence on COVID grade inflation - only anecdotal. Seeing people rock a 98 average for the year and everything. And yes I agree re: cheating, hence when I was talking about some unis having unproctored exams I hope you're right about not hitting 90 but I don't know haha
  18. I logged in just now to say this exact same thing. Thanks @Raincouver Furthermore OP, I will engage in a bit of self-disclosure here but: there are people working throughout this pandemic, as Raincouver mentioned, who are at a high risk and seeing people everyday. In my job as a counsellor at a non-profit organization that offers free services, I see people who walk in off of the street, 75% of my clients are this way. When I volunteer weekly at a homeless shelter, I don't think to myself about if the homeless peoples are wearing masks and distancing (spoiler alert: they're not). Oh, and I
  19. I tried looking for old threads that discussed this but I could not find many/any... I am looking for application Help Guides for med school application systems, such as the very comprehensive one that UBC has posted (https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2019/06/Help-Guide-2020-2021-Final.pdf) Ideally, these help guides will include details as to how many non-academic activities can be listed and in what sections, as well as containing character count allowances and essay prompts for schools that have essays. I'm nearly done my undergraduate degree and will be using the upcoming free ti
  20. The thing I am most scared of is not meeting the future UWO or Queens cutoffs, I met it this year with a 127/128/126/131 but that Chem section and Bio section is cutting it close. And of course it doesn't hurt to increase post-interview chances at UBC should I get an interview Very true! Although, to give myself credit, I scored a 516 on my final practice test before doing the real thing (4 days prior), but had a bad performance on test day for the 'meager' 512 (in comparison). But the study strategy will definitely need to be more efficient with less time on my hands Haha,
  21. It's 100% arbitrary yes! To make sure I meet the ever-changing cutoffs at Western and Queens, and to increase my post interview chances at UBC. I do know it won't be *that* useful, but I don't know what else I can do to work on my app (already improved my GPA and ECs for the upcoming cycle). And it feels unproductive to just sit around and not be actively improving my candidacy idk
  22. Hmmm...it is true that getting into medical school is of course the ultimate goal. I see value in keeping the job though (I already have it locked in, working it PT at the moment) because it's a Masters-level position that I was able to get into based off of connections (I am graduating from undergrad this April) - i.e. good pay, great experience (I'm working as a mental health counsellor). If I had never written the MCAT before then I would probably leave the position in order to study, but given that I am sitting on a 512 minimum regardless is making me prioritize the job. Thank you for that
  23. Would love to get some insights on my own situation. I keep typing this up and deleting it because I know it's more productive to focus on my own grind and not worry about anything else, but I'm committing to actually posting it this time to just get general feedback. Schools of Interest: UBC (IP, northern applicant); UofA; UofC; Dal; MUN; Queens; Western; NOSM; UofT; Mac GPA: 89.65% (UBC AGPA); 3.65 (OMSAS cGPA); 3.98 (Queens 2-YR GPA); 3.86 (UofA/UofC wGPA); 85.96% (MUN cGPA); 3.87 (Western 2-YR GPA) Educational Stage: Graduating BSc Hons. in April 2021 MCAT: 512 (127/128/126
  24. The title of this thread basically gives away my question: would it be possible this summer for me to be working full time (non-negotiable), writing the CASPer and doing extremely well on it in time for Dal (non-negotiable), writing applications (non-negotiable), and redoing my MCAT to the point of scoring a 516ish? (Previous score: 512) Or is that simply too ambitious? The first time I wrote the MCAT, I studied from 8am to 4pm every day for 4 months and still only got a 512...feels impossible to get 516 with all the other stuff going on
  25. It's true. I think everyone should definitely put their all into their own applications and not worry *too much* about other people. As you said, it is tough, but I do try to follow that principle myself, ex. working to achieve a perfect GPA the past 2 years of my undergrad. The stress/worry comes from the possible outcome of knowing you poured absolutely everything into the process and yet some online uni grade inflation prevented you from even having a reasonable chance. We've all heard the saying about "GPA gets your foot in the door, ECs distinguish you" and stuff. Thank you for your
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