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  1. I've also been looking around and after talking with Scotiabank and RBC, I found that both LOC's were very similar. However, RBC offers a LOC up to 250k and in special circumstances up to 350k ("depending on circumstances and if you specialize") whereas Scotiabank offers up to 350k regardless. This is just based on my conversations and I'm likely going to go with Scotiabank. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any additional information!
  2. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group once you’ve accepted your position! It’s called MUN med 2024 & 2025.
  3. This was my 5th time applying and I got an acceptance email at 10:14am!
  4. I also haven’t heard anything.. I was really thinking it would have been today!
  5. I’m thinking March 3rd or 10th. The past couple years, invites have typically been on Wednesdays. I’m not sure if the recent lockdown in NL will push it to late March though!
  6. Hello! Has anyone heard of any movement on the NL waitlist?
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