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  1. Asking for personal experiences I am a BC resident who went to UBC for undergrad. UBC requires a valid BC Services card as proof of residency, which can be maintained if one works/resides in another province for up to 2 years. Yet the manual says "have to live in BC" and "we can contact you should we doubt your IP status." Admissions are not yet replying to my emails as I can only imagine how busy they are at the moment. Q: Have any of you been out of province for NOT study reasons (work) for up to 2 years and retained their BC IP status? My SO lives in another province, thus moving temp
  2. Thank you, that is what I thought and it logically makes sense. Though UofC makes it sound as if it does not expire, which is strange
  3. Hello everyone! UofA (officially) grants AB IP-status to those who have lived in AB for 12 consecutive months prior to the start of classes, but does this status "expire" if you have to move to another province after completing the 12 months? I have already talked with Admissions but the answer was rather vague so I am wondering if any of you have had personal experience with such situations where you had to relocate to another province afterwards? UofC makes it sound like IP-status does not expire, considering one gains it by "living for 2 consecutive years in AB since 15 years of age".
  4. Congrats to everyone! I never applied to McMaster before, are there several waves?
  5. I cant see mine either and was wondering about this as well
  6. yep, never happened to me before but happened twice this cycle already and by different people (though my application is exactly the same from last year)
  7. Cant submit primary app with 2+ references, but can add and delete as much as you wish
  8. Hey all, for my primary application I've listed 3 referees as there was a bit of delay in responses and 2 of them have already submitted their reference forms. However, I think that the 3rd referee I added would be able to provide a more meaningful reflection due to the level of involvement with that organization, and I cannot submit my primary app w/o deleting one person. I know it is a new system new year and I was not able to get an answer from UofA, so my question is, do any of you know if you delete a reference w/already submitted reference form, will they be notified about that? A b
  9. Where can we find our UofA 7 digit student ID to register? I never got an email with it and it is different from ASN
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