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  1. For those accepted to U of T - do you see the offer on OMSAS? I do not yet.
  2. For those who were accepted, does anyone see the Offer on OMSAS? I do not see it yet.
  3. Based on the email sent out by Admissions committee today, will we be asked two questions up front (the main question, plus a follow up question) during the two minutes to read? I found it unclear if we were being asked one or two questions all at once, with 7 minutes to address both.
  4. @noku95 @rainyhey! How long did it take for U of T to get back to you with a new interview date, after you submitted the conflict form? I’m assigned March 7, but I said I have a conflict the morning of. I’m hoping they give me March 21, but I’m wondering if they might give me the afternoon time slot for March 7.
  5. Hi all, I am currently taking two English courses at Athabasca to satisfy prerequisites this year. I was hoping for some clarification around the deadline to finish the courses. UBC website states April 30, 2021 to complete the courses, and then requires final transcripts on June 30, 2021. For Athabasca, does completing a course refer to the day you write your final exam, or the day you receive your final letter grade for the course (which can come out 6-8 weeks after you write your exam, according to Athabasca)? Must the final transcript be mailed (hard-copy)? Thank you.
  6. The uOttawa med admissions website states about the ABS: "Candidates will be required to complete a detailed autobiographical sketch that is part of the OMSAS application. The detailed information provided will allow an assessor to judge the scope of the activities outlined. The purpose of this questionnaire is for us to obtain more information about you. When completing the autobiographical sketch, you will be prompted to provide more specific details for all of the categories. You must click on the link for each section to enter the details." Anyone know details of the "questionnaire"? Is
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone know if "most recent three years of undergrad" will include the summer before your earliest most recent year? For instance, if I graduated this year, would a summer course taken during the summer after 1st year undergrad count towards cGPA? Thanks!
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