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  1. It doesn't matter, Irish schools don't look at DAT.
  2. These numbers haven't been published. However, the class sizes for the two accredited Irish programs (TCD and UCC) are 45-50 people. A lot smaller than Canadian and U.S dental programs.
  3. Attaining a co-signer is only half the battle. Banks analyze a co-signers TDSR (total debt service ratio). My father and our physician co-signer application was refused. A TDSR of 40% is the sweet-spot to get approved. Check out this link: https://www.richardsmortgagegroup.ca/more-about-income
  4. Very good question. I think what's more important is that knowing if these programs are accredited (i.e can you return to Canada and practice dentistry). Currently, the two accredited Irish dental programs are 1) Trinity College Dublin Bachelor of Dental Science Program 2) University College Cork Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This is unlike the degrees awarded in Canadian and U.S schools (DDS: Doctor of Dental Surgery or DMD: Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry). Irish programs issue bachelor degrees because Irish student don't need to complete an undergrad prior to commence this de
  5. Sydney is sending out first round offers October 7th, but COVID-19 is complicating things. Attached is picture from Ozztrekk.
  6. I heard back from Ireland in May (late third round offer). In terms of choosing Ireland over Australia, just proximity to Canada and being able to tour Europe during reading week (which is not possible with COVID right now lol)
  7. Just got an offer from Melbourne, likely declining for Ireland!
  8. Hey, thank you for this update! I'm curious to know why you dropped your spot at UCC?
  9. Hey everyone, I am looking to get some insight into the 2 accredited Irish dental schools. University College Cork (UCC) vs Trinity College Dublin (TCD). Aside from the year difference, what are some notable differences between these programs? Any input is greatly appreciated.
  10. Is there any chance UCC will issue more offers? I have been accepted to TCD but would prefer UCC's 4 year program
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