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  1. Dans plusieurs de mes cours à l'université, les profs mentionnaient spécifiquement au début de la session qu'ils n'allaient pas ajuster les notes d'un 89.x vers un 90, etc, pour une questions d'équité justement. Dans un sens, je comprend, car si à partir de 89%, le prof monte à 90, qu'est-ce qui va empêcher les gens qui ont 88, 87, etc... de vouloir atteindre le 90 en demandant de hausser la note. Tous les étudiants ne trouveront pas ça juste. Ça n'a plus de fin. Pour ce qui est de réviser les évaluations, tout dépendant du type d'examen, ta note pourrait aussi être révisée à la baisse...
  2. Its so difficult to make a decision when there is so much unknown about the field... My current work does not have a lot of opportunities, and I am not sure I want to go in another field with few openings...
  3. @bellejolie, why is it a shocker that mcgill students/residents in Mtl don't have access to the vaccine yet? I am just curious!! I am wondering what is the culture at McGill towards resident/students? Could I pm you eventually?? Thanks!!
  4. Thanks so much for all the info!! 30-40 minutes is not so bad... I am 20 minutes from Montreal so almost halfway from a potential job... However, the job market can still change in the next years, so it might be risky to start the PharmD program. I am an older student and cannot really risk not having a job after studying 4+ years and having to go back to school again for another diploma. However, I will look at the trend for hospital pharmacist jobs openings in the future. Thanks again!!
  5. Thanks so much for your input! Its kind of sad that after doing such a demanding program, your classmates are looking at other options because of the merket saturation! I did not think it was that extreme... I am also wondering, you mention that there are jobs but they are not great or well paid. Can you elaborate on this if you have time? What are pharmacists grads looking for, and what are the jobs conditions, other than being far away from major cities? Thanks so much again!
  6. Hello everyone! I would love to know if its doable to work while in pharmacy school? I have a family I need to support so it would be ideal to be able to work at least part time. Is working as a pharmacy assistant possible? Also, I read so many contradictory things about the saturation of the pharmacy market... I would like to work part time after graduation, not necessarily in an urban area. I am not to far from Montreal but would not ming going farther, or to work in an hospital after completing the necessary graduate program. Is this realistic? I don't want to start a 4 year progr
  7. @Dodo, thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it!
  8. Hello! I was accepted in the MDCM program this year but unfortunately, after accepting the offer, I had to decline because of personal/family reasons. I decide not to ask for a deferral since I did not have supporting documents for this request and I really did not think it would be approuved. I am a mom and with covid, the school where my kids go told us that they were planning that school would be part time next year. My kids are very young and can't occupy themselves for hours so it would have been impossible to take care of them/homeschool and do med school at the same time. My oldest has
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