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  1. Due to many extenuating circumstances I could not control in isolation, I got a 51 in Organic Chemistry 1 here at Uwaterloo. This tanks my average heavily, and we have the option to file a petition for a CR/NCR option which I am considering. It is a pre-req course, however I am retaking it in the Spring term to a) perform better and b) get the numerical grade they require for pre-reqs. Could this have a negative impact on applications to Waterloo Optometry?
  2. So I am a Kinesiology student going for optometry as one of my options (unusual I know). I was looking at Waterloo Optometry, and it stated: minimum of three years of full-time Bachelor of Science studies will be required to complete all of the prerequisite courses along with the BSc requirements. Three years is the equivalent of 30 four-month courses. At the University of Waterloo, that is 15.0 credits. Full-time means 5 courses per four-month term (not including labs) or semester with two terms per year. This is strange to me, as taking 4 courses and 2 labs is 2.5 credits (4x0.5) + (2*0
  3. So I am a UWaterloo Student going into my 3rd of year of University in the fall, and I switched from Health Studies to Kinesiology in first year. As a result, I am basically 1.5 semesters behind playing catchup, yet my quest profile still says I am a 3rd year student, so there's that. Yet in the fall, I will be taking more than 3 courses that are at the second year level. I am at crossroads because from what I understand most medical schools require you to have at least 3 of your courses per semester be at the year level of your study. Am I basically ineligible for all Canadian Med Schools now
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