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  1. Wow really, so grades in pre-req courses don't matter if they're not in your best 2 years? Because it seemed like they used to require a 74.5 in all pre-req courses
  2. Hey everyone, Hope you're doing well and safe. So in applying to Schulich dental school, one of the prereqs are Human Physiology. I got a 73 in this course, and saw from some older sources that a 74.5 was once required for all prerequisite course. Whether this is still the case or not, I do realize it would not be competitive enough and was retaking it in a Spring term. If I hypothetically achieved a 90 in the class this time, how would it appear in the application process? Would they take the average of the 73 and 90 and make it 81.5? Would they take it and only look at the 90 achie
  3. Due to many extenuating circumstances I could not control in isolation, I got a 51 in Organic Chemistry 1 here at Uwaterloo. This tanks my average heavily, and we have the option to file a petition for a CR/NCR option which I am considering. It is a pre-req course, however I am retaking it in the Spring term to a) perform better and b) get the numerical grade they require for pre-reqs. Could this have a negative impact on applications to Waterloo Optometry?
  4. So I am a Kinesiology student going for optometry as one of my options (unusual I know). I was looking at Waterloo Optometry, and it stated: minimum of three years of full-time Bachelor of Science studies will be required to complete all of the prerequisite courses along with the BSc requirements. Three years is the equivalent of 30 four-month courses. At the University of Waterloo, that is 15.0 credits. Full-time means 5 courses per four-month term (not including labs) or semester with two terms per year. This is strange to me, as taking 4 courses and 2 labs is 2.5 credits (4x0.5) + (2*0
  5. So I am a UWaterloo Student going into my 3rd of year of University in the fall, and I switched from Health Studies to Kinesiology in first year. As a result, I am basically 1.5 semesters behind playing catchup, yet my quest profile still says I am a 3rd year student, so there's that. Yet in the fall, I will be taking more than 3 courses that are at the second year level. I am at crossroads because from what I understand most medical schools require you to have at least 3 of your courses per semester be at the year level of your study. Am I basically ineligible for all Canadian Med Schools now
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