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  1. Hi, Just wondering where you got those stats from as the Admissions Statistics document hasn't been updated yet for 2021. Is there another page/document that everyone else is looking at?
  2. Result: Accepted (Regina) GPA: 89% MCAT: 511 Location: IP Degree: UG 4th year Interview: The interview was pretty standard but I didn't feel so good coming out of it, so I'm very pleased to get this result! Congratulations to everyone else who got accepted and best of luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  3. Just bringing this thread up again - does anyone know if the preference survey has been sent out for 2021 yet? Also, do they just email it to you or do you have to go to a specific website to access it?
  4. Not sure if this is the best place to ask this question, but I don't know where else I would: are we allowed to write notes down in the MMI? E.g., jot notes when we're in the two minute prep stage.
  5. Hi all, I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays and has had a good start to 2021! I've been prepping for the MMI for some time now, but I still fear that I haven't practised with different people so I'm not fully prepared. Have people already made MMI prep groups yet? If so, is anyone willing for me to join their group so that I could get more practise with you guys? It'd be a huge plus for me and you will get another opportunity to practise with another person! If no groups have been made yet, I'm happy to make one with a couple of other people if they're willing! Let me know
  6. I really hope so, thank you! That's given me a bit of relief because I was really scared haha
  7. Hey guys, Thanks to everything shifting online and the increased workload, my grades for fall 2020 have not been as high as my third year grades and I'm very concerned (I'm anticipating getting an average that's 6-7% lower than my 3rd year semester average). How much weight do admissions give to fourth year fall grades? Would I be at a significant disadvantage if they see a drop-off after a generally positive trend?
  8. Hey, do you mind sharing where you got that information from? Was it from the WebEx? I wasn't able to attend so I'm not really in the loop about CASPer scoring
  9. Yeah I was a little unsure of whether I should request to release it a couple days beforehand, so it could be released during the Oct 30-Nov 6 timeframe, but I think I'll send it in during that week anyway. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I'm just wondering how long it takes for AAMC to electronically send your MCAT scores to the university of your choice? I know that for USask you're supposed to release your MCAT scores between October 30 and November 6, so I'm not sure if I should send my scores in during the Oct 30-Nov 6 time frame or a couple of days before it. Does anyone know?
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