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  1. Apply but don't expect anything. This can really be said for any Canadian Med School. Best of luck!
  2. In terms of Canada, rewriting the MCAT won't help you much. It will only help you if you can manage to 129-132 CARS. You pass all other MCAT cutoffs in Ontario though.
  3. It seems that oilers4hockey has received an offer. Blubfruit has not received anything yet, so it is safe to say that the "wave" was only one person. That probably means that class is near full and there will only be 1-3 more acceptances :/. Source: Discord. Edit: Wntsignalling received an offer. As of right now, it seems that the offers skipped blubfruit.
  4. How are other 9:09 timestamps feeling about their odds of getting off the WL?
  5. well rip. There goes Ottawa. Good luck everyone! Time to retake the MCAT and pray to the OMSAS gods of 2022.
  6. Result: Waitlisted Timestamp: 10:00 am wGPA/cGPA: 3.98 (didn’t qualify for wGPA) MCAT: 514(130/124/130/130) Interview: I must’ve done great bc I was waitlisted for the interview and called in last minute. Too bad that my pre-interview score wasn’t the best. Year: Third year Geography: IP
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