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  1. Felt meh. The questions were stereotypical panel interview questions. Scenarios were really straightforward. It was hard to show who I really was with the questions I got. However, I felt confident and genuine during the interview....not so much after the interview. Hopefully, I can get onto the high waitlist and the GPA carries me to admittance. This is my only interview.
  2. Invite/Rejection: INVITE!!!!~!~!!!!!!! Time Stamp: 2:53 EST Location: IP Stream: English cGPA: 3.98 with winter 2020; 3.96 without winter 2020. Current year: 3rd year ECs: One research award at $6000 (DUROP at UWO), one poster presentation, 4 manuscripts in progress but not published, considerable volunteering with vulnerable groups of people (over 1500 hours overall and likely my strongest section), started one research club, advocate for autism and respite care, worked as a lifeguard and as a receptionist at a dental office, weak hobbies. Casper and Snapshot: got an R from mac but I a
  3. The wait is intense. No email from Ottawa yet be making me question if I put the right email on OMSAS.
  4. Are all the Rs out? I didn't get any email from ottawa yet. Kinda shook that so many amazing applicants have been rejected thus far.
  5. That's ridiculous. You have amazing stats. I'm sure you will make med school somewhere, if not UBC.
  6. I think they would release the rejections and invites fairly close together. From my understanding, after they calculate the TFR, all the applicants are ordered from highest to lowest. Therefore, they will know who is invited and rejected at the same time.
  7. I'm pretty sure that if you did a 4th year UG thesis and published a paper, the course mark in the thesis will factor into the AQ. The publication will factor into the NAQ.
  8. First time applicant too! OOP. Lived in Vancouver until high school and then moved to Ontario. Hoping to maybe come back to the West Coast!
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