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  1. I wouldn’t worry about it. I just got accepted this year to UofA with a 508 (126 CARS). I’ve had a least one interview each of my 3 application years at Albertan schools. So I’d say your MCAT score won’t hold you back from getting an interview. I found reworking my ECs is what made my application more competitive each year
  2. I only had 3 entries in two of the sections and received admission this year. I know several other people who have gotten in without filling out all 16 entries. My impression is it is more about the substance and impact of your entries rather than trying to fill up space. For reference I had an average gpa (3.89) and below average MCAT (508 w/126 CARS). So I must have made up for it with above average ECs even though I didn't fill out all 16.
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