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  1. I have a friend who studied a health related area at VIU for a portion of their degree. They seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere and the general class structures. I can't comment on the difficulty of their program, but they had good marks. You may also want to consider the Camosun exercise and wellness program, after the 4 years you are eligible to write the CSEP-CEP exams, or register as a Kin.
  2. Before you write the MCAT I think it would be best to get a better grasp of some of the science courses that make up large portions of the material tested on it. With a gpa lower than 3.7/4 you are doa for every med school in Canada. You may want to consider if the program you are in is the reason for the lower grades, would there be something you find more interesting that you think you would do better studying?
  3. Apply to a Ug program It will be a percent or 2 higher combined.
  4. Then I’d say start applying next cycle if you can write the mcat by then, but also start taking courses at a uni ASAP as well. The average of accepted applicants is 88% and rising, so the closer you are to that the better.
  5. I think it is highly unlikely ubc will use your pharm tech courses for your application. MCAT is only viewed post interview at ubc, more importantly are ECs as they make up half of your app pre interview. You have no chance with a 3.1gpa (I’m assuming the tech program is not counted), so you will have to do a second UG for at least a few years to bring your gpa to atleast a 75% before you can apply.
  6. Whats your gpa as a percentile? It depends how your ECs are perceived, they look pretty good though.
  7. With an 88% definitely apply! Your ecs will be a huge factor as well, so depending on what you have done that will greatly impact your chances of interviewing. I don’t have much advice to give since I’m in a similar position to you and will be applying next cycle for the first time.
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