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  1. I see some people saying that that are competitive but didn’t get an email. Also it seems like people GPA is higher because courses were online
  2. If people don’t mind sharing, I was wondering for those who didn’t get an invite this year, what’s your stats? It seems like the cut off for this year is insanely high.
  3. Hey, do you guys know if we are allowed to take notes during the 2 mins of reading the prompt? I know we are allowed to when it was in person. Thanks
  4. 54 DAT? What did you get in each component? :0
  5. Congratulations to those who got an interview invite! Please share your GPA, DAT scores and IP / OOP
  6. Hi! Interested! Are there anymore spots?
  7. Hi everyone, interviews are coming up, and I want to make a group so we can do some practice together! Comment or message me your name and phone number so I can create a group?
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