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  1. Thanks for your thoughts all. I think my question might have been misunderstood somewhat (or maybe just the intent was misunderstood) but what I was looking to know is if anyone in UBC is transferring out so that I could see if it would be worth it to push my PGME to see if funding would be available for a transfer in there (not in the program of choice, just funding in general by anyone leaving any program or who has left recently, sometimes this can be used for a resident requesting transfer to a different program other than the program from which the the funding came, if you knew that the p
  2. I am wondering if any CMGs have done an observership after obtaining an MD? I don't mean doing a med 5 year and doing extra electives etc through your school. I am referring to a situation where one has just graduated from med school, is not in residency for some reason or another (say, withdrawing from the match, leaving residency etc), and wants to secure observerships on their own during the "gap year" before applying to CaRMS. If anyone has done this, please post your experience here/any tips on how you went about securing these. Thanks!
  3. I am wondering if anyone out there is leaving, or has, in recent years, left their residency at UBC completely (not for an internal transfer) for either another residency position in another province, or leaving residency in general? Inter-provincial transfers have funding challenges, as I understand- I have sometimes heard that even if the out-of-province incoming resident transferring is being accepted into a different program than the vacant spot left behind by the out-going resident, PGME can sometimes use the funding that is now available due to the vacant spot for the incoming stude
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