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  1. Anyone know if we are allowed to take notes during the MMI? Also, does anyone know the time for each station for our MMI?
  2. Hi everyone! I was waitlisted for the McMaster interview and I was wondering if anyone is in the same boat or has been in the same boat. I still haven't received any interviews yet and it would be nice to come off the waitlist here at Mac. Has there been any movement on the waitlist yet?
  3. Same here, got a lower casper quintile 4 with a 4.5 GPA and 523 MCAT. The CASPer quintile has me really worried about Mac now.
  4. Interview invites are set to come out tomorrow for UManitoba. Feel free to use this thread to talk about our results together. Good luck everyone! IP/OOP: Decision: MCAT: aGPA: Coefficients:
  5. Hey! I don't think you should take the UBC EC marker to be legitmate right now. They made a mistake with their EC calculations and I think the result bars as well. So before you start preicting how your ECs stand relative to other students, I think maybe just wait until UBC finalizes your NAQ score and result score. Your ECs could be better than you think!
  6. Apparatenly, according to the premed forum from last year, these were the times of rejections. Monday December 9 was their first day last year First wave of rejections: ~1:30 pm PST (4:30 PM EST). Monday, Dec 9 Second wave of rejections: ~5:30pm PST. Monday, Dec 9 Third wave of rejections: ~9:00 am. Tues, Dec 10
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