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  1. I'm pretty sure it's just 1st or 2nd author from the application bulletin. https://umanitoba.ca/explore/sites/explore/files/2021-03/medicine-bulletin.pdf (page 10). Do you have access to the application? I'm having trouble getting access to it.
  2. Mac, Manitoba, sask all don't consider ECs post interview. Not sure why but I would speculate that ECs can be subjective view of personal characteristics. The schools try to assess personal characteristics through interviews and casper.
  3. Hey everyone! Fellow wait lister. Hoping things work out. Also wish we had an idea of our rank/length of the waitlist.
  4. I don't think really anyone knows yet. But they should release admission stats for this cycle.
  5. Hey! I'm basing it off previous years. In previous years, they decided whose references to contact based on an MMI cut-off (20% for IP and 40% for OOP). I took the number of people they interviewed in previous years for IP and OOP which is 220 IP and 57 OOP. If you do the math (IP - 220*0.2 = 44; OOP - 57*0.4 = 23). It looks like the most recent wave of rejections was for people who didn't make this year's MMI cut-off. So I would approximate the interview pool is already cut down a bit. There could be more or less people rejected dependant on applicant pool and MMI cut-off variability f
  6. I wonder what the waitlist movement will be like this year for OOP.
  7. Speak with mine on a weekly basis and they let me know
  8. Mine is P in case you're wondering. I know one of my references were contacted. OOP
  9. Not sure about less people being interviewed. But, I would say about 20 OOP and 40 IP were rejected yesterday. This is based on their 5 year summary: https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/admissions-statistics-5-year-summary.pdf. I think yesterday was MMI cut-offs which are about 40% OOP and 20% IP from previous years. If you made the cut-off, you progress to the reference contacting stage
  10. I can anecdotaly back this up. I had a 130 CARS and 3.99 gpa and a 21-40 percentile casper at Manitoba. I got interview waitlisted at Mac and eventually got off the waitlist this year.
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