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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I would ideally be practising in Ontario. With me potentially locuming in more Northern/rural areas when starting independent practise, I thought teaming up with my partner would reduce the stress of both of us finding jobs at these locum locations.
  2. Hi all! I am a FM resident who is starting to think about independent practice soon (possibly locums initially). I was wondering how the logistics of delegation to my partner (who is an RN; considering NP) might work. I recognize that every clinic will have in-house nurses, but might there be flexibility to involve/delegate some of my work to my partner through independent contracting via my incorporation (e.g., telehealth diabetes education calls etc.)? Are there other avenues through which I can team up with/involve my partner (without owning my own clinic) within appropriate medicoleg
  3. Anyone starting a netflix binge right now so that they can sleep in till 11:59 am tomorrow?
  4. Does the file review contribute to selections even post-interview? Especially for FM programs?
  5. Are FM interviews harder to secure this year? Particularly MAC.
  6. Hey guys, I am just trying to gauge if there is an added benefit to having FM LORs from a FM preceptor vs. a FM LOR from an internal/EM/other FM-relevant specialty? I would figure that having an IM preceptor writing a FM LOR would be more beneficial for e.g., a rural program (with more hospitalist involvement) than an urban FM practice. I was unable to find an answer to this specific question and was just wondering what the consensus is around this. Cheers :)
  7. I hope everyone's having a great New Year so far! My CV has a fair amount of personally important activities/mentorship roles, but I feel that I am quite lacking in the typical med school leadership roles. Additionally, I've been a bit stressed about my lack of "academic highlights and achievements." I know a fair amount of folk put down nominations for various awards and scholarships, but I have such limited entries for this that I am embarrassed to even put them down. I will be applying to FM programs. I've had great rapport with my elective preceptors so far, and they've offered me s
  8. Hope everyone and their loved ones are well during COVID. Anyone who has looked into or applied for the MOTP surge program - do you know if you can do both your CARMS and MOTP surge applications concurrently? I am class of 2021 and and considering having MOTP as a backup plan. I had previously looked into the MOTP program before starting medicine, but opted not to. I figure with the changes in electives and uncertainty of COVID, I want to try to plan ahead and am assessing my options. Any insight would be awesome!
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