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  1. Is the clock moving or are we stuck in an eternal state of impending doom #SOS
  2. Sometimes you just need time alone after a rejection without your family telling you it's going to be okay
  3. I am an avid kdrama/cdrama and true crime watcher LMAO so if you are into that then DO I HAVE RECS FOR YOU. If not, unfortunately, I am empty handed I heard that new Shadow + Bone series on netflix is good though!
  4. I thought I was going crazy on my own but I'm glad we're all going crazy together. Start that teamwork off strong
  5. I've picked up embroidery! Does it help me stay sane? No! But it makes a nice gift to make someone else happy so there's that!
  6. Hi everyone!! What is the end date we should be putting down if the activity is still ongoing? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys!! I had a quick question about what end date to put for experiences that are still ongoing for the top 10 category. I can't seem to find it!
  8. Hi! Is it necessary to include a personal experience for every essay? I feel like the social media question is more about "what would you do" rather than "what have you previously done." What do you guys think?
  9. Is there a never time you felt wronged by the instructions of someone else? For example, being told to disregard a homeless person or told to break a lab rule by a research supervisor? Maybe asked to sign a petition you didn't agree with? Something you experienced at work? I'm sure there are times you've felt like your morals were being questioned! Break your experiences up into professional/personal and try to find an experience where you felt really frustrated because you felt what you were doing/ were asked to do was wrong.
  10. Hi everyone!! I am currently applying for Dalhousie and they request for an MCAT score. I wrote the MCAT twice and got the same score. The first time I did well in CARS, the second time I did well in the sciences. Does anyone know which one Dalhousie prefers for applications? Thank you in advance!
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