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  1. Result: Accepted!! GPA: 87.9% DAT: 19PAT/19AA/19RC ABS: research, lot of clubs and community involvement, bunch of hobbies mentioned as well Interview: felt good right after, but the more I had I time to think about it the more confident I became that I bombed it so this is a happy surprise!
  2. Does anyone know how many people are invited for interviews?
  3. Is anyone struggling with the Evaluation of Prior learning? I feel like I have no memory of what I learned from my undergrad courses
  4. That's super re-assuring to hear, thank you for letting me know! I've e-mailed them just to make sure but I haven't heard anything so here's to hoping their requirements haven't changed
  5. Hi guys! I'm a recent graduate from the University of Guelph, and I am planning on taking the cDAT this upcoming November. I unfortunately screwed myself over and didn't take organic chemistry in my undergrad because I didn't want it messing up my GPA but I know UWO requires it. I wanted to take it this upcoming fall but UofG doesn't offer it until the winter semester. The UWO admissions page says "Prerequisite courses can be taken at any time but must be completed by April 30 of the year of entry". If I were to take it at UofG in the winter semester, I would technically be done the cour
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