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  1. No I just looked at them and I am sure I didn't look like I was making eye contact because my webcam is above my screen but I still wanted to look at their reaction. I am not used to talking when staring at the camera. When I had some friendly interviewers who actually unmuted to say hi to me (most didn't), I explained this to them in the beginning and they smiled and told me it's okay. And no, they did not ask me such a question. I certainly do not wish they were marking us on eye contacts specifically, then I definitely lost marks. lol
  2. Invites are out! Invited- will update stats in a few hours when I get home
  3. Still submitted So you guys checked yesterday and it was submitted but changed today? Guessing they are working on them on weekends as well...
  4. Yeah I submitted mine early September and it still says submitted. Likely random.
  5. I had about 7 of my verifiers contacted. All in November. Haven't heard from any of them afterwards though.
  6. Weird. You shouldn't need to send anything extra other than transcript. Nothing like that appeared for me. On Monday, you should contact Student Connect.
  7. Look at the statistics on the website for OOS. Even someone with cGPA as low as 3.5 I believe has been admitted. Imo why even bother think about competitiveness? All you are going to lose is 130 dollars and some hours on the application, but that way you still have some chance, rather than not applying and have 0 chance. Maybe you think you are not competitive, but you might actually be a very good applicant in their eyes. We never know!
  8. Mine too now, I just received their calculation under forms as you do, and mine still says "your application will be reviewed...". Did you have everything submitted in your application checklist? I still have one thing not checked off besides Casper- but this is something I can't help as Registrar is supposed to look at my transcript and check it off for me.
  9. Does your application says "Your application is being reviewed. An updated status will be posted..." or does it say it has been reviewed already?
  10. For those of you who have your GPA uploaded- is your "Your application is currently being reviewed" removed?
  11. My MCAT took forever to be verified. Hang in there. I think I posted mine right when it opened (1st of july?) and it just got posted. I emailed regarding my transcript and they said they received it on 10th of August, but it is still not posted on my checklist. I think even if they receive it, they need to work on it to post it. I don't think we should worry
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