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  1. For those of you who are at work, you will see congratulations in your preview (obviously no congratulations for unfortunate news...), so if you don't wanna know the result until you get home, I advise not to open the email app if you can help it.. lol
  2. No problem. Her text just got me really shaky.
  3. My friend just texted me saying she got the offer... So it's starting!
  4. Check your launchpad. I think they'd tell you in the email but launchpad will tell you for sure.
  5. Didn't have it and got rejected. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted!
  6. If offers aren't out by tomorrow, maybe more apps will be updated tomorrow. We can only hope :')
  7. It'd be super unproductive and weird that it's not an automatic process- do they really have to update apps one by one? I certainly wish so, cause that'd give me hope!
  8. I'm alumni myself as well. There are ppl who are going to u of a (4th year) who have this statement. Unless they only excluded alumni, which I believe chances are very slim, maybe it's time for me to prepare for the worst.
  9. I hope we don't see it because we are not a new student at the U of A. We are going or went to u of a
  10. No I just looked at them and I am sure I didn't look like I was making eye contact because my webcam is above my screen but I still wanted to look at their reaction. I am not used to talking when staring at the camera. When I had some friendly interviewers who actually unmuted to say hi to me (most didn't), I explained this to them in the beginning and they smiled and told me it's okay. And no, they did not ask me such a question. I certainly do not wish they were marking us on eye contacts specifically, then I definitely lost marks. lol
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