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  1. Totally! I haven't had the chance to practice study skills as school is beyond easy here. Definitely something I look forward to improving in my grade 12 year, and if not, wish me luck in university. Thank you for the great tips though!
  2. Totally get that, I do know that it is easier to get into Atlantic Canada medical schools if you are a maritime resident, easier in terms of GPA and MCAT and that's why I was considering school here rather than Ontario.
  3. Hello! I am a grade 12 student in New Brunswick with a 4.0 gpa. I plan on going to medical school and considering I have to apply to a university soon, I decided to reach out and ask some of you for help. I was debating if doing my undergrad in the maritimes then applying to med school at MU or Dalhousie (as a Maritime applicant) would be better than going to a bigger school in Ontario/ elsewhere in Canada and then just apply to every medical school there. Not sure if questions like this are appropriate for this forum, and if they aren't, please excuse me as I am not very familiar with th
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