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  1. Just curious, did you email schools to ask them this? Aside from Western, I was unable to find an official statement from dental schools about whether they were including or excluding winter 2020 grades.
  2. I was also uncertain about it but after reading the website that's what it seems like: "The worst academic year will be dropped from the calculation of an applicant's cumulative grade point average provided that (a) the applicant has completed four or more years of university education by May 31st of the proposed year of entry, and (b) the year with the lowest grades is not the applicant's last year of study" So if you're in your fourth year when you apply and complete it by May of the proposed year of entry, they'll drop you worst year, and you'll only have two years of grades to be
  3. If you apply during your fourth year (and are planning to graduate at the end of it) I believe U of T will drop your worst year, so technically they will only be taking your top two years as well.
  4. Does anyone know if admission decisions post interview are made solely based on interview performance going forward, or if our other stats will be taken into account as well? I've heard historically that it used to be only interviews that counted, but their website now says that "Applicants invited to attend the interview will be considered for admission based on a comprehensive assessment of their application and performance at the interview." So it sounds like everything will be taken into account post-interview?
  5. Ah I see, that makes sense! Also, slightly unrelated question but I thought I'd ask here - do you know how the verification process for activities/experiences works for UBC Dent? Do they send an email with the entry, or do verifiers have to provide the full entry themselves? I'm just wondering how it would work if a verifier missed an email/phone call haha
  6. How does the implementation of reference letters curb med applicants? Just wondering because one letter is required from an upper level professor and the other from a healthcare professional (as opposed to specifically only a dentist), which I assume most applicants would be able to easily get.
  7. Yes from what I've read, all admission materials need to be submitted to meet the early deadline. However, because they're no longer on rolling admissions (at least for this year) I personally think it shouldn't severely harm your chances if you do not make the early deadline. Just try to submit everything as early as possible without compromising completeness of the application.
  8. In the past, applicants have been able to finish prerequisites by May of the year of entry, but I recently visited their website again and in one spot it says that three years of university with the required courses have to be completed before applying. Does anyone have any clarifications about this change and know whether I could still apply this year if I'm completing my single remaining prerequisite this school year?
  9. I just wanted to confirm that the referee link on the applications is sent to our chosen referees before we submit our applications right? So as long as we hit the "send email to referee" button, they can work on our references while we work on our applications. Didn't want to misinterpret this and miss the application deadline, so any confirmation would be appreciated
  10. Do you guys know if we have to have our official DAT scores also submitted by the early deadline to be considered for early admission? Or can those come in later?
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