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  1. Out of curiosity, was your first choice MAM? Just wondering given the time difference compared to other waitlist emails.
  2. Yeah, I'm thinking probably some movement later this week.
  3. Got my waitlist email at 9:53am. Last name N-P. range This was my only interview. Very curious how many people are actually on the waitlist.
  4. OOP and you? Also, interesting that yours is out of 1035. May I ask were you above or below 922?
  5. I received it on Friday August 7th. Ranked ~~ 310/922 GPA:3.91 Must have done poorly on Casper.. I did run out of time on most questions. I think my CV is decent, but who knows now. Anyone else willing to share their rank and GPA? Maybe this can help determine how we did on Casper, given CV is only 10%.
  6. I guess so! Still nothing for me as well.... glad I am not the only one though, must be a delay.
  7. Has anyone else received their ranking? I still haven't received mine.
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