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  1. TIME STAMP: 2:03 ET Result: R GPA: 3.8 OMSAS, unsure of eligibility for wGPA ECs: no research. Very thin on volunteering/employment/leadership positions. National team and NCAA D1 athlete, most of my app was national/international sports awards. Year: graduated 2019 Good luck to all!
  2. getting more application money rollin in is always a good reason for them to lie about that
  3. Found this from an invited applicant in this forum: “wGPA: 3.75 Current year: Post grad MCAT: 130/130/125/131”
  4. For "Length" and "Values" is there a certain number I need each year to qualify as full time? eg. 10 length, 30 value
  5. Hello! A massive chunk of my life has been dedicated to my sport, so I have like 20 entries relating to it (lol). I definitely don't have the typical premed profile so if there's anyone willing to help I'd massively appreciate it! I want to do my experiences justice and would appreciate any guidance for writing my entries. Please message me if you have experience listing sports on the ABS
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