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  1. The third of those. I agree that were I to be chief with a lack of interest in chiefing, it would be a hindrance for my co-residents and a chore for me. It just seems like the most obvious way to distinguish oneself, but if I'm being honest with myself, it isn't an opportunity I would relish. I think your second paragraph is reassuring to me. Self-publishing editorials would be more consistent with my personality. I suppose it's a little less public, but it's something I'd enjoy doing within my discipline.
  2. I wanted to know if anyone could relate to what I’ve been experiencing. I’m currently a resident interested in a fairly competitive specialty that I’ll be applying for next year. I find rotations in it to be fulfilling and engaging. Learning more about it and making myself a better clinician is easy to do for that reason, and preceptors have remarked on my interest and promise. However, given the competitive nature of the program, I worry merely being a dedicated, skilled clinician is insufficient. It seems a successful candidate must come packaged with extras like being a chief resi
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