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  1. Really? I was under the impression that the higher the GPA the better (to get an interview I mean)
  2. Thanks! That's reassuring...it just seem like each year the GPA keeps climbing haha I guess focus on CASPR and the top 3 activities
  3. Hey everyone, What's a competitive GPA for Ottawa? I know the cutoff is 3.85 but the published avg a couple years ago was 3.94. I'm going in with a 3.95 so I'm not sure if its gone up since then...looking at those invited for interviews it seems like >3.97 is competitive.
  4. Hello, For the personal submissions part of the application, does the activity listed have to be within the past 5 or 6 years. Say I want to list an activity from 7 years ago, would that be acceptable? thanks!
  5. Hello, I had a question in regards to the most recent three years that Ottawa looks at. I completed my second and third year and then took a one year break to work full time. I'll then be returning this September to finish my fourth year. How do you think Ottawa will look at this? I'm considering applying in September 2021 (using my second, third and fourth year)? Thanks
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