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  1. Thank you everyone I see that it can vary but that 250 is on the lower side. I’ll keep this is mind. Please feel free to keep the discussion going it’s lovely to see so many perspectives!!
  2. Hi I’m a cdn who went down under to Australia 8ish yrs ago and am now a full fledged GP looking to move to Canada (which is why I was on this forum). I just saw this and wanted to make sure you don’t make a mistake. I’m def biased but I remember a few years ago when I was applying abroad (Bach+masters in astrophysics so my grades were not competitive and I didn’t wanna do another undergrad for cdn schools) I saw that in Ireland they don’t have residency positions for non EU ppl.... Caribbean is bad cus if u by chance screw up you’re kicked out and you need to kill the STEPs. I went to Aus cus
  3. Please someone have any numbers as to what I should expect? Money is not my priority but we really wanna buy a house and start a family and I wanna maximize earnings until my little ones come around...
  4. Hiya guys, I’m a GP In Australia originally from Canada (did my undergrad and masters in astrophysics at Mac so didn’t have the grades for med) but I went down under 8 yrs ago for med (also just to settle things cus I have seen recent comments about how “hard” it is to get an internship spot in Australia- it’s not or not now at least everyone gets one if they apply somewhere most internationals in regional centres- matching to Canada however apart from fam med is pretty hard but those that wanted to did it). Anyways I’m fully licensed here and am earning about 290k per yr AUD. My wife w
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