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  1. @Lolz1 @rainy Just got their email this morning. They said they are unable to tell us when we should expect to hear back from them but that someone will contact us directly once it has been sorted out.
  2. Yeah, it's making me anxious not hearing back from them. I emailed them Friday evening asking when we should expect to hear back from them for those who had scheduling conflicts. Hopefully, I'll hear back from them soon and I'll let you know when they respond! Have you emailed them as well?
  3. Sorry, meant to say if they sent out specific times, like if we would be in the morning or afternoon session. From the initial email, it says that they'll send out confirmation emails and more details about the interviews, but I have yet to receive these. Have those been sent out yet to applicants that have confirmed their invite?
  4. Do you know if they sent out the interview times for those who have already confirmed their availability for Feb 6th? Cause if that's been sent out, then maybe they'll send us an invite again for the next batch. If not, I'm hoping they'll email us separately. Out of curiosity, when you submitted the form, did you include the time for your other interview?
  5. Thanks for letting me know! I also got an email back from them saying that by saying "No" it doesn't invalidate my invite, instead, it alerts them that there is a interview conflict. Yup, I included the date and time of my other interview.
  6. Nope, not yet. I'm guessing they haven't replied back to you either? Hopefully, we'll hear back from them soon.
  7. Yeah! For sure! I'll definitely let you know if I hear back from them! Hopefully, I didn't mess anything up
  8. I see! I got way too ahead of myself and then panicked right after lol. I was thinking of emailing them if I didn't hear anything back within the next two days. But could you let me know what they say if they respond back to you? Thanks!
  9. I clicked on "No" and explained at the bottom to see if they can fit me in for another date/time. Now I'm worried if I should have clicked on yes in case they interpret the 'no' as a decline to their offer! But at the same time, I didn't click on 'yes' cause I thought I wasn't available that day. Did you say, yes or no?
  10. It was for a different program cause I didn't think I was going to get any MD interviews
  11. Congrats! I got an invite as well and also have a conflict with another interview. I just submitted the form to ask for an accomodation. If we couldn't make that day/time but still wanted to attend the interview at UT, do you know if we should have responded with "yes" or "no" when they asked if we were available for the interview on Feb 6?
  12. I received an offer to attend UT's interview on Feb 6th, however, I had previously confirmed an interview from another school which is taking place on the exact same date! I explained this in their form to see if they can make any accommodations for a different date or time. So in the form, when they asked me to confirm my availability for Feb 6th, I clicked on "No" followed by the explanation. But now I'm worried that by clicking "No", the computer processes it as an interview decline. Should I have selected Yes?? Do I need to email the school back?!?!?
  13. That's what it says on my account as well. Yeah, it's a relief to know that it's been 'received' at the very least. I actually got an email back from UWO today about the issue with the transcript status not being updated on our student centre account. It said that they are still working on the OUAC issue and that it should be resolved by the end of the week. She said that there is nothing to worry about and that we will not be penalized it anyway. So we should be fine!
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