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  1. I'm currently signing up for a LOC with RBC and they were telling me about their insurance protection plan (life and disability insurance). I'm still undecided if I need the life/disability insurance for my LOC. So I wanted to ask around to see what people did and whether or not it's worth it.
  2. This happened to me before. I missed their call and they left a voice message telling me to call them back. Do you have voice mail set up? If not, it might be worth emailing or calling them just to check.
  3. I will be withdrawing my acceptance from the DDS program at UWO soon. Best of luck to everyone on the waitlist!
  4. Same here!! Got a call today and got off the waitlist as well!!
  5. Welp, guess we won't be hearing back from them any time today. See everyone back here tomorrow.
  6. Same here! It would have been such a huge weight lifted off my shoulder if they told us before our Western interview. And now, if I do hear back from them tomorrow, I'll probably have an internal battle with myself as I decide whether or not I should open the email.
  7. I think so! They did say in an email that final decisions would be out by March 1st. I've been waiting for these results to come out for so long and now that it's being released soon, I don't think I'm ready for it.
  8. I just finished the tech test and wanted to clarify something. For the 3 minutes allotted for reading and thinking about the question, are we allowed to have a pen and paper and jot down notes of what I might want to say? Also, even though I didn't click on the 'start recording' button, can they still see us during those 3 minutes?
  9. Nope, they haven't emailed me back about rescheduling. I'm guessing that they'll just send us a re-invite when the next wave comes along.
  10. I wish they kept us informed instead of keeping us in the dark. Let me know what they say when they reply back!
  11. No, I haven't heard back since their last email about waiting for someone to contact us and that they were unable to provide me with an estimate of when to expect a response as well. So, I'm really sure what to do at this point. Do you think it's safe to assume that our interview won't be on Feb 6th, since we never got a confirmation letter back?
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