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  1. I agree with @frenchpress. I think you already have a good average for an IP applicant. It might on the lower end for this cycle, but I think you can still have a fighting chance. If ever you need to re-apply next year, I think your AGPA will put you in so much better position. To answer your question, I also don't recommend doing a 5th year! I think being 'out there' to gain more experience is far more enriching than returning to school just to gain another 3%. I know grades matter A LOT when applying to med, but your grades are within the competitive range! Let's see how this year pans out f
  2. Hello, I went over your response and first of all, I think you did a good job responding to this prompt. Given that the interview is virtual, how long is each station going to be? I believe your response is too short (which may not be the case once you do more practice). I think coming with good examples to be back up your claim would strengthen your responses. For example, you mentioned about the "definition of discriminatory content may be different based on who reviews the content," but from a listener's perspective, I would like to hear some examples. Meanwhile, in relation to "content mod
  3. Sadly, gone are those times when I hear people getting interviews with an A- average. It sus picking a hard major. In retrospect, I was proud of myself for getting B+ and A- mostly considering our class averages are always between C+ and B-. I was so naive back then! Will see how this year's pan out for us.
  4. I'm not surprised why there's more people applying this year. This is purely anecdotal, but I know people who initially didn't want to get into medicine did apply this year after realizing how the job market can be so volatile in times of pandemic. With the removal of prerequisites, many people can easily fill out and submit their applications. Plus, because of the lockdown, many were given the opportunity to actually spend time to study for the MCAT. I'm assuming that we will see a high interview cut-off this year considering a large influx of applications they have received so f
  5. OOP - Rejection GPA - 3.8 MCAT - 506 (old score, didn't meet the Sept 12 deadline for my retake, but it didn't really matter) Maritime connection: Although I didn't have a very strong maritime connection, Ithought this was strong enough. I talked about my rural experiences growing up and how it inspired me to come back to rural communities to be of service. Overall, I was expecting this rejection, but it definitely stung a bit. Congrats to those who are invited and I'm sorry to the IP applicants who got a R today. It's VERY UNEXPECTED, and you all didn't deserve such
  6. Hopefully we hear back from the school soon I don't have a maritime connection either, but i was sincere why its my top choice
  7. I don't think the cut-offs for OOP is that steep. My GPA is 3.8 and given that I didn't make the September 12 cut-off for Dalhousie, I have reported my previous mcat score, which is less than 510. And I'm an OOP applicant
  8. I'm constantly refreshing my email. I'm definitely anxious to receive either result
  9. I guess anything can happen in 2020. With the pandemic and this potential 'strike,' it will take a while before we hear back from the adcoms. Time for me to hibernate lol.
  10. I think based on the information provided on Dalhousie's website, it sounds like IP applicants are guaranteed an interview if they meet the cut-off (MCAT, GPA and CASPER). As for OOP applicants, the MCAT, GPA and CASPER are used as part of the initial screening, however I believe that the "connection maritime essay" is the main criterion used whether an OOP applicant is invited or not.
  11. It's a possibility, but I also feel like it's going to be on a Friday since invites are normally sent out towards the end of the week. It has been an "interesting' two-weeks for me/you and everyone, and I feel like I am more mentally prepared about not receiving an invite from Dal as an OOP. Hopefully, the invites will be sent out tomorrow!
  12. Oh, I also joined the same facebook group (no idea lol), but I did notice the update today. It's mostly like coming out tomorrow (or Thursday). Nevertheless, I found this forum filled with amazing people. I wish we could all get an invite (haha).
  13. I also think that CASPER is NOT a good predictor for the MMI. At least for MMI, you have more time to explain your responses since you have about 8 minutes to talk if I get that timing correctly. So, you definitely have more room to present your ideas. In addition, MMI also has a wide range of topics, whereas for CASPER, it mostly focuses on ethics. I know that not meeting the cut-off for Dalhousie was a disappointing news, but OP, it should NOT shake your confidence. Once invited, do a lot of interview practice and immerse yourself in a wide range of topics.
  14. Unpopular opinion, maybe we'll expect from Dalhousie next Friday (Oct 23rd)? Technically, this week is the second week of October (since the first 3 days of October could not be counted as a "full week." And I also think this date is more or less one month from the interview date. Nevertheless, I am also anxious to know what my fate will be
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