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  1. https://discord.gg/v7SWwC7H feel free to join and perhaps we can all help each other.
  2. Sure! I will try my best to make a group and will send the link soon. I think I've seen your stats posted on this forum and I do think you have a high chance too
  3. First time applicant here, I got an average interview this year but I have a low A- average. I think my interview wasn’t high enough to offset my abysmal average. If you guys are interested to maybe form a group chat and maybe prep early (not necessarily interviewing), but like discuss about techniques, topics and etc, I would be down.
  4. I respectfully disagree with this statement. I think in terms of flexibility, MD is not considered as a flexible career unlike nursing. Surely, having an MD is seen is far more prestigious than a nursing career, but nursing offers way more flexibility than medicine. One example is that a nurse can enter different fields and require shorter training and schooling when wanting to specialize. They can also go on for more advanced degrees and roles a lot faster than medical doctors. People with nursing background can even pursue nurse practitioner program if they want to work more independently (
  5. I agree with @offmychestplease. Your average is already up there and if you look at the admission stats, there's a lot of people with A average that are getting in (85-89.99%). I think it all now comes down to your ECs. I think how you write your entries will make a huge difference.
  6. Sorry for the very late reply! I will DM you for a sample entry @Excel-erate Your Breath
  7. I went ahead and checked my OMSAS account (last time I checked it was 2 months ago lol). This is what's stated on the website: "Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since age 16 (maximum 32 entries). This information is organized into 6 different categories." Someone corrects me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's a cap for each category! I remember when I was filling out my ABS, we can add as many activities for each type (but then the description is a lot more general than UBC App since OMSAS tends to categorize them as "Extracurricular Activit
  8. I think I will try to go over the Interview Document once again. Thank you! I can't imagine having to go through all the stations without a quick break
  9. This question may be too superficial, but I am just wondering whether the 10 stations include two rest stations? Also, with a total of 10 stations, does it also include the writing station? Thank you for answering
  10. Hello, I am somewhat caught in a dilemma regarding my potential service reference. For most of my service/volunteering activities, I am normally one of the Volunteer Coordinators and/or Managers/Supervisors, so I feel like it would not be a good move if I use my Co-Coordinator or Co-Manager to fill out the reference form. However, I have paid positions where I have Supervisors or Managers who can serve as my reference (e.g. I work as a Teacher), but I am a bit unsure if selecting an employment related "community service" will hurt this part of my application? Any current med students spe
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