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  1. I thought I'll ask this question here first in a case people have already asked Queen's the exact same question. Does anyone know approximately when the CASPER testing dates will be posted? I want to get this CASPER thing out of the way ASAP . Queen's website states that applicants have to write the CASPER before the Oct 1 OMSAS deadline so it's coming up pretty soon unless the school made an error since no other Ontario med school requires applicants to write the CASPER before the OMSAS deadline.
  2. I've read UofT's website and I want to know if anyone was able to apply without taking a full course load every sesmester. I took 4 courses one semester in first year undergrad, 3 courses one semester in 3rd year and 4 courses the following semester then went to another school and switched programs. I don't have a bachelors. As long as I explain this in one of my essays it's fine with UofT? Did I read their requirements correctly?
  3. I'm first gen, didn't have to resolve customs issues but I do represent my family to resolve different issues. What you have done I think, shows responsibility, cross-cultural communication skills, and the ability to understand regulations. I'm not familiar with Dal or their criteria but for most Canadian med schools, what they look for are certain attributes as opposed to knowing what pt care/being a doctor is like. When it comes to challenges w/in your community, you can also discuss how there are others who face similar challenges as you and use your own experience of overcoming challenges
  4. Since the early application deadline is coming up, thought I would ask how interviews are scheduled at UBC. For in person interviews, what are the possible time slots applicants get to choose from? It would be nice to know since I might have to travel and stay overnight. If the interviews are conducted virtually, do we just talk to a webcam and record our answers or will we be able to interact with an interviewer?
  5. I spend a lot of time doing solitary activities partly due financial situation and being QTPOC. Does anyone have ideas on how to highlight qualities admissions look for when it comes to things like doing physical activities alone?
  6. Hello everyone I'm a QTPOC applying to UBC med school and doing the OMSAS application this cycle. I would love to get advice from different people about my application. I would prefer to be able to do this via some sort of private messaging (I'm new to premed 101 so I'm not sure how this works on the forum) as well as get some sort of evidence from people who are willing to help that you have been accepted into UBC med school or is a current student before discussing details about my application. I was the only QTPOC in my class when getting my health sciences diploma so for anyone
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