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    Haku_ reacted to popfossa in Queen's CASPER...   
    They prob just mean you have to register for the CASPer test before October 1st. Once you get your OMSAS number add it to your CASPer profile using the "Help/Ask Me" section. CASPer is externally marked so I don't think Queens meant to write it before October 1st. 
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    Haku_ got a reaction from dh. in I grew up poor, do they really want to know how much of a sobstory it was   
    I'm first gen, didn't have to resolve customs issues but I do represent my family to resolve different issues. What you have done I think, shows responsibility, cross-cultural communication skills, and the ability to understand regulations. I'm not familiar with Dal or their criteria but for most Canadian med schools, what they look for are certain attributes as opposed to knowing what pt care/being a doctor is like.  When it comes to challenges w/in your community, you can also discuss how there are others who face similar challenges as you and use your own experience of overcoming challenges as an example b/c you are part of the immigrant community in your area.  
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    Haku_ reacted to youbesee in Advantages to meeting early application deadline?   
    When I interviewed, the possible choices were split between 4 days (saturday/sunday for 2 weekends), with 4 time slots each day.
    No one knows how UBC will run the interviews if they are virtual. You'll have to wait for an announcement at the time you get an interview invite I presume.
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    Haku_ reacted to burnerboy in All QuARMS spots are now reserved for Black and Indigenous applicants   
    This thread from the only Black QuARMS student is a good read. Like she said, I think a low SES stream w/ consideration for minorities would've been a better option
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    Haku_ got a reaction from PlantZaddy in LBGTQ2S+ BIPOC - UBC Application Help   
    Hello everyone  
    I'm a QTPOC applying to UBC med school and doing the OMSAS application this cycle. I would love to get advice from different people about my application. I would prefer to be able to do this via some sort of private messaging (I'm new to premed 101 so I'm not sure how this works on the forum) as well as get some sort of evidence from people who are willing to help that you have been accepted into UBC med school or is a current student before discussing details about my application.
    I was the only QTPOC in my class when getting my health sciences diploma so for anyone who might feel lonely at times, I totally get it ♥
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