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  1. Accepted MD - this thread is still useful. Some schools should be off tho.
  2. Hi all, Just accepted to USMD - likely to cost 300k USD. My main question, maybe for someone who has been on this path and journey, Is it worth it to complete a USMD then try to match family medicine in Canada from a financial stand point? Or should I just really focus on trying to get a competitive specialty and staying in the states. I feel like I would much more like to practice in the Canada simply because of the healthcare system and FM seems to pay well here/ shorter residency. It also seem specializing doesn't pay as well here. Any insight would be great.
  3. Like 3 or 4 years ago it came out early during the week. Also, in the last like 5 years, the 26 of oct was the latest in came out.
  4. Maybe they figured a 4 week interview notice is not necessary anymore because its all remote and no travels! So, everything is out the window! At best, a 2 week notice to get ready to sit in your home, in front on your laptop is enough. This gives them more time to prepare as they have to co-ordinate a lot of people for MMI / making sure volunteers have things like good internet service etc. Just think Covid and all the mess its created.
  5. I have a feeling, and I wrote that whole debacle. 4 years ago it came out on the 26th, one year it was the 20th. Only the last 3 years fit what I said earlier. So anything is fair game between now and next week.
  6. Think its tomorrow. 2019 oct 18th, friday - 3rd week of oct (end of the week) . 2018 oct 18th , thursday - 3rd week of oct (end of the week) This year oct 18th is a sunday and the 4th week. 19th is monday but the 4th week (Beginning of the week). Tomorrow - 16th, friday- 3rd week of oct (end of the week) I'm neurotic.. I know. lol
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if others received a social accountability/ diversity survey from AMFC. A friend said she got one and the email said its because she applied to Dalhousie medical school. She's wondering if it was sent to everyone.
  8. Here: https://www.med.dal.ca/medix_public/admissions/application/
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