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  1. This is not considered a criminal offence, should not have any effect on your medical career at all. But I don't have any legal training so not 100% sure
  2. I'm looking to do a fam med elective at U of T, however there are a lot of sites to go through and I don't know much about Toronto, wondering if anyone has had or heard of good places with supportive (kind!) staff to complete an elective?
  3. I don't think it's worth it but if you think you are going to regret not applying afterwords then just do it
  4. I went through the same thing and tbh if it worked before why change it. They don't track or compare your application to last year's, don't feel obliged to change it just because it is a new cycle, you might end up making it worse unintentionally. Look it over, and if you still like your answers use them again, if you feel like you want to change them then do it! No hard rule here, do whatever you feel like doing, but don't feel the need to change it just because it is a new cycle.
  5. This always varies, people have posted on here that they have gotten in with 3.0 pre-req gpa, sometimes less, while the average reported by McGill is around 3.8. It is only 20% of your post-interview score, but this can make or break you, especially if you're OOP. If you worry about your pre-req gpa, you can always re-do some of the pre-reqs, they will use your new grade (if it's higher). I re-did 5/7 of my pre-reqs and brought my score up from around 2.5 to 3.75 (they were going to expire for me anyway).
  6. The mcat will only come into play if you get an interview. If they do use your mcat they will do a 50/50 split with you pre-req gpa for that 20% post interview score, the other 80% will be your interview score and together they will form the score which will be used to rank you for admissions (post-interview). If your prereq gpa is high (>3.9), submitting mcat probably wont have any effect, i don't know the new scoring system so I'm not sure how high your score is. If your mcat will bring you down then they will disregard it and use your pre-req gpa only. I am confident in this because I su
  7. Makes sense, that's great, thank you. Crossed that off the list of things I will ever think of again.
  8. I closed my only credit card that I've had for 7 years now when I was getting a LOC, it was replaced by one with the bank I went with. I ddn't put much thought into it but shortly after I realized this could hurt my credit score by erasing all that credit history. Is this a big deal/something to stress over or not much of an issue?
  9. Why not just take them at a university where the lab component is part of the course
  10. Honestly I say apply until they don't let you anymore, why would you close the door on yourself. You said you really feel like getting your life started, why don't you do that, why should applying to med school stop you from getting your life started? Start your life, follow your plan B or make one if you don't have one, and just keep applying, it isn't that much effort to apply. Who cares about age and all those other concerns, they are non-issues that you're stressing over. Start your life, enjoy yourself and just apply every year, and watch all the doors open up for you!
  11. I also had a prereq last fall and submitted a grade in January.
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