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  1. it means when you want to improve your GPA/upgrade your gpa you should be taking 300/400 level courses to increase it
  2. Im pretty sure for most schools it is irrelevant, and all Ontario schools do the extraction method if they need to take a few courses out of a previous year.
  3. Thanks for the response, I think I will still apply to Mcmaster, but I dont make UofTs cutoff GPA so I will have to see about applying there.
  4. Hi ! I just wanted to post in this discussion to see if I even have a chance of PT school. Due to 1 B+ by sub GPA dropped to 3.795-3.8( I even re did this course but the original grade fell within my last 20 credits). I know this is quite low but I was wondering if anyone can give me input on what PT schools I may still have a chance at? I know Western, UofT and McMaster are probably out for me. I am a BC resident if that helps!
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