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  1. Applied: (all PT) - McMaster, Queens, U of T, Western, UofA, UBCAccepted: Queens, UBCWaitlisted:Rejected: Western, U of T, UofA, McMasterGPA: c-gpa 3.69 and s-gpa 3.81 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have extensive experience in multiple physiotherapy fields and settings along with experiences (non-PT) that show leadership etc. My references were decent for sure and I think my personal statements were well written. I think for UofT and Western, my file was not even reviewed due to low GPA. First time applicant I am leaning towards UBC over Queens. It
  2. Hi! Does anyone know when UBC is sending out their pt decisions? The website says mid April but last year the decisions were sent out and of March.
  3. Does anyone have any spots open for me to join their study group for MMI Practice for UBC or Kira?
  4. it means when you want to improve your GPA/upgrade your gpa you should be taking 300/400 level courses to increase it
  5. Im pretty sure for most schools it is irrelevant, and all Ontario schools do the extraction method if they need to take a few courses out of a previous year.
  6. Thanks for the response, I think I will still apply to Mcmaster, but I dont make UofTs cutoff GPA so I will have to see about applying there.
  7. Hi ! I just wanted to post in this discussion to see if I even have a chance of PT school. Due to 1 B+ by sub GPA dropped to 3.795-3.8( I even re did this course but the original grade fell within my last 20 credits). I know this is quite low but I was wondering if anyone can give me input on what PT schools I may still have a chance at? I know Western, UofT and McMaster are probably out for me. I am a BC resident if that helps!
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