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  1. Thank you all for answering my initial post.. means a lot. Ive carefully read all of your input. I think my initial gut feeling was to also keep it under wraps... I suppose my only big worry is the three year gap on my timeline after high school where I flunked out of a professional career... broke my shoulder, got addicted to pain meds. I am not sure what to write for that time or how to account for it on my applications. Any suggestions for this?


    It has been very interesting reading all of the above, amazing to get the perspectives of people working in the field. Thanks again. 

  2. Hello, 


    23 year old first year UG student as mentioned. In my past, my gap between highschool and UG I was an athlete. I struggled for two years with opioid addiction after being overprescribed for an injury I sustained during my sport...


    I am now volunteering in addiction and with vulnerable populations. I am wondering whether this sort of thing and "story" or angle can be used as experiences that shaped me on my medical school applications? It is the reason I want to pursue medicine I just do not know if it is too taboo.



  3. Hello, 


    Quickly, I am 23, I am an ex-athlete starting from square one hoping to get into a Canadian medical school. I played professionally in Europe and only took 3 online university courses over 5 years and got B's in all of them, but have a bunch of withdrawals on my transcript as I didnt care at all about school during my sporting years. 


    I am now starting a Bsc in september and have spent the last year redoing all my highschool sciences to freshen up on everything. Ontario resident. 


    I guess my questions are:


    Am I too old to just be starting first year?


    Will my strange earlier transcript screw me over realistically for Ontario schools?


    What should I focus on for the first two yers before I can apply?

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