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  1. Our scores were just too high and the system couldn't handle it I guess
  2. We have now roughly reached the halfway point between the start of Wednesday and the end of Friday. Good luck everyone! I'm making sure to add some extra self care into my day to de-stress. If we can jump through all the other hoops in this process, we can handle another day and a half
  3. Invite! cGPA/wGPA: 3.95/4.0 year: 2019 (mature student) MCAT: 519 (128/130/130/131) ECs: long term volunteering in disability and addictions fields, 10 years employment in both fields combined, 4 years supervisor experience. 9 withdrawals - 5 due to health issues 11 years ago and 4 due to some other reasons. Expecting to talk about these during the panel if I make it there, but good to know that they still want to give me a shot!
  4. I'm just wondering if other people are having the same issue. I have 9 items entered into my employment history and still have a bunch to add, but I keep getting redirected to an error page when I try to add anything new. There's no error code or anything on the page - it just tells me to hit the back button and that's it. Has anyone else experienced this? Have you found a way around it? This is the error page in question: https://ucan.ucalgary.ca/error_page.htm?aspxerrorpath=/Applicant/Application/app_employment.aspx
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