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  1. Thank you so much for your answer! Hopefully I'll be able to have the privilege to post here again in a few years with good news
  2. Haha thanks, I was just curious
  3. I've always been curious about this. For example, if you end up attending UofT Med school, would it be possible to match at a BC hospital. Basically, can you attend residency at a province different from the one you're attending med school at?
  4. I'm not applying anytime soon, I just finished highschool I'm just looking for recommendations to types of ECs I should do during my undergrad years
  5. I'm about to start UG in about a month. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the possible ECs that I can choose to do. I was hoping that those who were accepted to UBC med or any Canadian med school could broadly share their ECs. Thank you so much everyone!
  6. Does anyone know how UBC looks at grades from schools like UofT? Is it your actual percentage or GPA?
  7. Thanks lol, I'll be lurking until I start applying in a few years
  8. I know its a risk, I thought about it a lot beforehand but I still wanted to go to UofT. Plus I can't exactly turn back at this point. I'll just have to do my best. Plus, if someone attending Uoft made it in, then why can't I? The reason I would fail is because of my own lack of effort
  9. I currently live in BC and is a BC resident. I'm heading to UofT for undergrad soon. If I maintain my MSP coverage, will I still be considered a IP applicant in the future? Thanks very much!
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