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  1. Ahhh, thank you for the advice. I've never considered/ wanted to do research and have no clue what doing it with a prof would be like at the moment. Guess I can take term 1 to read about some interesting topics and get a better understanding on specific matters to at least open up the opportunity... Am hoping I can get by with a good GPA, professional reference, and just a couple of academic references that could vouch for my grades and work ethics in the worst case scenario!
  2. Do you think academic references are strongly considered for an application? I regretfully haven't gotten close with a single prof and am not expecting a strong reference if they were to even give me one... Just hoping to get in with the bare minimum of them filling out the document based off the grade I got and the 1 or 2 office hours I attended. Really messed up by just being one of those students who only learns and regurgitates content. Thank you for doing this BTW!
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