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  1. Just got an interview invite through email. GPA: 3.92 DAT: 25AA OOP (Canadian citizen living in the US & attended US university)
  2. So the next interview date is next week (11/20, 11/21). Anybody hear any word from then yet? Do we think there'll be a 2 day turn around again?
  3. “Your application to McGill University was reviewed. We have the pleasure of informing you that you were shortlisted to move to the next review step. You are being invited to fill out an online application form using the McGill Web-App System. This will require you to pay an application fee of $165.08 by credit card.” I think only people who initially applied through AADSAS get this email
  4. Just received an email saying that I’ve been selected to continue applying— they’ve sent out a online application form & are asking for $$$
  5. June 16-- My app was kind of in a limbo until August though because my AP scores were missing/COVID mailing delays.
  6. I received an email confirming the interview invite as well. This was such short notice and I have another interview this Friday that I scheduled weeks back and it directly conflicts with the mandatory information session. I don't think they're going to be accommodating with conflicts since they list that there are no alternate days in the email. Gonna try and email them anyways
  7. I clicked on the interview confirmation form and it says congrats on being invited to interview! Woohoo!
  8. My application checklist online has some new lines that say "Interview fee $150.00 CAD" "Interview Confirmation Form". Does this mean I'm invited?!
  9. Just took Casper for UToronto and McGill, and right after the exam, a page for Casper Snapshot appeared. It's a new interview-style video response "exam" from Casper. Is this required for any Canadian programs?
  10. A lot of the American dental schools have been giving as little as a 4 day turn-around from sending out the invite to the interview day. Since everything is virtual this year they don't have to take travel into consideration, so it's possible that invites don't go out till later than usual.
  11. Did your application need to be marked as complete by August 31 to receive an early interview? I submitted everything early except for my AP scores which took forever due to COVID delays. I did send in an unofficial score report by August 31 though :/ I really hope I am being considered for an early interview... When you guys look at your portal does it say your session is 2021W(1)?
  12. Piggybacking off of your question, to make the early deadline do all admissions materials needed to be submitted and received? I didn't realize that UBC requires you to send your AP test scores to apply and the official score report will likely not arrive until after Aug 31.
  13. I just signed up for CASPer today and the list of Canadian dental schools that you can submit to are UBC, McGill, and Montreal. I am applying to UBC and McGill so I instinctively signed up for those ones and paid the fees. Later I checked the UBC dental page and they have a note with an asterisk saying that the CASPer test is not required. After creating this thread I snooped around premed101 a little more and it seems like some schools are having applicants submit CASPer without even taking the score into consideration in order to research if there is a correlation between CASPer score and st
  14. Anyone taking CASPer for UBC? It says it's not required on their webpage but does anyone have any opinions on if it would boost your application whether or not you take it?
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