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  1. How is it possible that there is that much movement when there are only 40 seats per class at McGill? Especially for OOP when most of the class is from IP?
  2. When should we expect to start seeing movement from the waitlist?
  3. Minerva updated to waitlist, not sure what position I am on the waitlist though it doesn’t say! Did you have to accept your spot in the waitlist to see your position?
  4. Mine still says “further review required”.... hmm...
  5. Rejected: 4:00 PM EST GPA: 3.92 OOP Congrats to everyone who got accepted!
  6. Hey guys, I PMed OP but I got no response. Is there a group chat or a zoom call planned soon?
  7. TIME STAMP: 12:03 PM EST Result: Invite GPA: 3.92 CV: Year: Research gap year Feelings about Casper: Decent Applicant category: OOP Might be turning this interview down. Not sure yet. I’ll let you guys know if I do
  8. Just got an interview invite through email. GPA: 3.92 DAT: 25AA OOP (Canadian citizen living in the US & attended US university)
  9. So the next interview date is next week (11/20, 11/21). Anybody hear any word from then yet? Do we think there'll be a 2 day turn around again?
  10. “Your application to McGill University was reviewed. We have the pleasure of informing you that you were shortlisted to move to the next review step. You are being invited to fill out an online application form using the McGill Web-App System. This will require you to pay an application fee of $165.08 by credit card.” I think only people who initially applied through AADSAS get this email
  11. Just received an email saying that I’ve been selected to continue applying— they’ve sent out a online application form & are asking for $$$
  12. June 16-- My app was kind of in a limbo until August though because my AP scores were missing/COVID mailing delays.
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