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  1. are you guys getting your invites now? in the evening and the email shows the timestamp in the morning? or did you guys get your invites in the morning?
  2. does that mean you got the interview or no? or you are just waiting for a spot to open?
  3. do rejection emails go out first and then the interview emails or do they send all the decisions at once?
  4. does anyone know if they will emailing or mailing our scores? or is it only through the website?
  5. same. it says my information does not match with their system even though I copied and pasted my reference number from my email
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering how MUN feels about shadowing physicians for undergrad students. I was wondering if I should include that activity or not for my application. Thank you in advance
  7. hey, I can review your application. let me know if you want to exchange through email.
  8. Hello, before covid hit, I had legitimate potential research volunteering positions or summer internships and interviews. I was wondering how I can use this to my advantage in my medical school application. I have emails from my professors and doctors from hospitals who state that I had a legitimate shot at getting a position but due to covid it didn't happen. Also same thing goes to other extracurricular such as shadowing, volunteering, etc. thanks in advance
  9. hello, I was wondering if just meeting the MCAT cutoff requirement is enough for Dalhousie. Also, I go to York and I was wondering how the gpa conversion works. Does an A from York count as an 3.9? thanks
  10. what is meant by connection? do I really need to know someone from that area. or can I just talk about why their program makes me interested
  11. how can one write a great maritime connection essay if they have minimal connections. and even if we did were we suppose to write about professional connections. what is meant by connections
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