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  1. Hi everyone, So I'm finishing up my BBA with no science courses under my belt (I decided on medicine late in the game, during my 4th year). I really wasn't planning on applying to further schooling, much less switching to medicine so my grades weren't a huge priority to me and I didn't do so hot. My biggest concern is that with a low GPA, my application might not even get looked at, even if I do well on the MCAT and get some good extracurricular experience. My averages by year are: 1 - 3.76 2 - 3.28 3 - 3.42 4 - 3.09 5 - 3.95 (estimated) Cumulativ
  2. Hi everybody, So I'm in my last semester of my BBA undergrad and I've decided to switch to medicine. I'm looking at Ontario med schools in particular. I didn't take any science classes during my degree so I'm going back in the fall to get the right prerequisites. (bonus function of these courses: my GPA is a 3.6 or [9.7 on 12 pt. scale] and this could be a way to focus on my grades and boost it) I've got my humanities credits covered with econ, languages, and other random electives but I have about 6-8 science courses I'll need (depending on if they're lab based or not) and some of
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