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  1. Anyone receive any more invites after 4? I haven't received an R yet so just wondering.
  2. No one knows for sure, but if you had a verifier contacted I can only assume you're one step closer to good news. But results come out this week so just wait
  3. Did you have a 126 in CARS? Are you SWOMEN or access? If you are non-SWOMEN and non-ACCESS this would be great news.
  4. I repeated biochemistry in the summer because I didn't meet the cut-off for Ottawa. Do they look at the new grade (75% in my case) or take an average of my previous grade and my current grade? I ask this because this averages out to a 69% which is below the Ottawa requirements.
  5. You should absolutely apply. I would not rewrite that score. Worst case scenario just write next summer or after interview invites come out. What if you re-write and your CARS score dropped to 126? Or stayed the same? There's no point in rushing to re-write now, your score is great!
  6. I was wondering if it was worth it to apply with a 126 in CARS? I am non-SWOMEN and my mcat CP and BB are well above the past year's cut-offs so they shouldn't be a problem. My 2Y GPA is also well above 3.7. I am hoping that this cycle may be more "lenient" considering the implications of COVID-19.
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