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  1. Congratulations!! Just to confirm, your CARS score is 125? Gave some hope for those with not so "high" CARS lol
  2. Does anyone know how UBC feels about applicants using an inspect element to find out about their scores? Are they okay with it?
  3. Could you let us know how many interview slots are still open? How many are taken so far? Hopefully these two numbers add up to 700 (610 IP interview candidates + 90 OOP interview candidates)
  4. Did you have your verifiers contacted already? Considering they start verifying from early December to February, this is super early!
  5. A physician helped me a lot along the application process. They read over my essays, provided feedback and did a couple of mock interviews with me. I would like to give them a small gift to show my appreciation, so any suggestions? Thank you!
  6. Congratulations to those who completed the interviews! Oh man oh man... 2 questions tripped me up so bad that I just kept rambling without making sense Did anyone else find some questions to be super long?
  7. First of all, congratulations to those who received an interview from Dal yesterday. For applicants who did not get invited, keep working hard, continue things that you enjoy doing and keep your head up! I am not sure if the interview for Dal is taking place on the same day for everyone, but mine is scheduled in 3 weeks. This is my first medical school interview ever and I have no clue what to expect. I've taken a look at all these sample questions and there are literally hundreds of them! I don't think I have time to go over all of them for sure... Plus, the fact that interview format ch
  8. Thanks for your reply, I will definitely list another award instead for UBC! How about for OMSAS though?
  9. Hello all, For UBC application, what are your opinions on double listing NSERC USRA under both Awards and Employment History? The help guide says all paid research experience (including those paid by research grants) should go under employment history. I know a lot of people double list NSERC for OMSAS under awards and employment, but what's the consensus for UBC? Thanks everyone!
  10. Hi all, UofT describes scholar cluster with the following: academic standing, achievements in leadership, research and social responsibility as demonstrated by (but not limited to) awards, conference presentations, publications and scholarships. I am having a bit of difficulty selecting which activity to write about to hit the scholar cluster. Based on the description provided by UofT, the scholar cluster is very research-heavy which is understandable as UofT seems to love research. I held NSERC USRA (no pubs, no presentations) and received another academic award for having one of t
  11. Dalhousie just sent out an email indicating that all applicants must take the new CASPer snapshot starting this cycle. Essentially seems like a mini virtual interview which consists of 3 questions with 2 minutes to complete each question. Applicants will be required to use their webcam and respond through audio/video. It must be completed by September 30th, 2020. Any thoughts?
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