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  1. Thank you. How much time were you given for each station? Is it the standard 8 minute per station?
  2. Hello everyone, Just out of curiosity, how many stations were there in total for the virtual McGill MMI?
  3. Wow, that's a huge drop from 117 seats in the 2021 cycle and 120 seats in the 2020 cycle...
  4. I thought every applicant has the exact same essay questions as it has been the case in previous cycles? Dalhousie application does not allow you to work on some sections before the other so I have to submit my non-Maritimes statement before being able to view 5 short essay questions
  5. Do you mind sharing the 5 short essay questions? Thanks
  6. Following up on this, it would be amazing if someone could please share the 5 short essay questions, thanks!
  7. Any successful OOP applicants would like to share their total score? Just want to see how far the waitlist offers went out for OOP.
  8. How much was the coaching if you don't mind sharing? How many coaching hours did you do total?
  9. I am in a similar position as you right now and I am leaning more towards working and studying at the same time. One of the reasons for working and studying at the same time (at least for me) is so that I can continue to improve my ECs. I was very close to getting an interview invite at UBC as an OOP applicant so perhaps my ECs were somewhat decent, but not quite good ENOUGH. Hopefully, with the full-time job that I have right now, I can score a few more points compared to this cycle and get an interview invite when the next cycle opens up. Another reason is because the job that I ha
  10. I looked into your post history and I saw that you have a cousin who's a Dal med student and they gave you the correct date last year... Thursday it is I guess
  11. I am going to take a wild guess that it will be next Tuesday, March 16th!
  12. It is definitely possible that they decided to interview more candidates since the interviews were virtual. They may not had the capacity to interview as many candidates over 2 days if the interviews were in-person instead (I believe Dal used to complete all their interviews over 1 weekend?)
  13. I am guessing that by interviewing more candidates, they are able to pick the best out of the best? (Although this would probably take a lot longer to review all interviews). Here is the link to the post.
  14. This probably isn't the case... I remember browsing on premed canada subreddit a few months ago and according to the email that rejected applicants received back in October, this cycle will have the largest number of applicants to be invited for the interview. This was with the new CASPer cutoff change as well.
  15. Wait, does this mean there are only 2 evaluators reviewing each of 5 questions rather than 10 different evaluators for in-person MMI? Crap... I used a same personal example for two of the questions so if one evaluator is looking at all 5 questions, then this might raise some eyebrows..
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