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  1. I see! Thank you for both replies, and I'll definitely be taking all those points into consideration. One thing I've learned is that UBC has a lot of electives pre-CARMS - I was wondering if this should be a factor in my decision as well, especially if competitive specialties end up requiring electives at those schools. I'm aware that there is an elective cap as well - would that reduce the effectiveness of these extra electives? I've also done some reading on the curriculums from either school. Would it be fair to say that Ottawa provides more free time for research or wellness, or are
  2. Hey everyone, One of my first times using this forum! If this post isn't in the right place, I apologize in advance. I am fortunate enough to receive offers to schools such as UBC (VFMP) and uOttawa, and I'm currently stuck in deciding between the two. I am from the GTA area. As someone who is unsure of what I want out of a career in medicine, I want to keep my options as open as possible - for example, in case I find myself drawn to a competitive specialty. I understand that both schools are great, but I was wondering what factors might be useful to consider when it comes down to
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